• Spiritual Journey Check-In With Yourself
    As we live, we learn, and we grow to understand ourselves more and more and more. This 15 minute self-assessment is meant to help you reflect on where you’ve grown to today. What is your current capacity? And what are you still practicing? I really enjoyed seeing which of these I felt really strong on […]
  • Growth Mindset | Week of July 11 – 17 | Astrological Forecast
    This week’s astrological focus is on the Capricorn Full Moon, happening Wednesday, July 13th.  In the sign of the tactical Seagoat, this lunation encourages us to celebrate the structures of care that we’ve built so far this year, and to reevaluate what to say NO to versus what to say YES to moving forward. Some […]
  • Week of June 27 – July 3 | Astrological Forecast
    We’re kicking off this week with Neptune going retrograde in Pisces. While Neptune normally creates confusion and illusion, its retrograde provides clarity. Unlike the lightbulb epiphany style of Uranian clarity, Neptunian clarity is like a fog that slowly dissipates to reveal what lies hidden beneath. 
  • Heart Opening | Week of June 20 – 26 | Astrological Forecast
    Key Upcoming Transits Sun enters Cancer / Summer Solstice | June 21 Venus enters Gemini | June 23 The overarching theme of this week is: Connection. We’ll be recognizing this desire within ourselves as the energies of Cancer season and Venus in Gemini play out. These two transits make a harmonious pair. The homebody energy […]
  • Believing is Seeing | Week of June 13 – 19 | Astrological Forecast
    Key Upcoming Transits Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus at 16° | June 11 – 13 Mercury re-enters Gemini | June 13 Sagittarius Full Moon at 23° | June 14 Venus conjunct North Node in Taurus at 22° | June 16/17 Mercury clears shadow in Gemini | June 18 Soul Questions for This Week’s Two Main […]
  • Gifted Opportunities to Claim Yourself | 6-month Astrological Forecast
    On October 1st of this year, there will be seven planets in retrograde – yes, seven.  Although Mercury will go direct on that day, it will be joined by a retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Chiron, and Neptune. Rx Planet Goes direct Mercury Oct 1 Pluto (already rx) Oct 8 Saturn (already rx) Oct 22 […]
  • AQUARIUS: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Water-Bearer
    Overview of the Aquarius Archetype Aquarius is the second-to-last sign of the Zodiac and is a fixed air sign. Fixed signs indicate the middle of their season and are characterized by staying-power and stability. Ruled by: Uranus (modern), Saturn (ancient) Modality: Fixed (Winter) Element: Air If you have heavy Aquarius energy in your natal chart, […]
  • VENUS: Energetic Archetype & Qualities of the Lesser Benefic
    Essential Dignities Domicile: Libra, Taurus Detriment: Aries, Scorpio Exaltation: Pisces Fall: Virgo Joy: 5th House Overview of Venus Energy Venus is the goddess of love, peace, and the arts, representing the finest things life has to offer. Venus spends about one month in each sign and rules both Taurus and Libra. Taurus is the feminine […]
  • Blessings in the Unknown | Week of May 30 – June 5 | Astrological Forecast
    Key Transits This Week Gemini New Moon | May 30 Mercury stations direct in Taurus | June 3 Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius | June 5 Soul Questions by the Transits Gemini New Moon | May 30 The New Moon in Gemini is bringing a significant upgrade in how we relate to the world. When […]
  • Riding the Wave: Week of May 23 – 29 | Astrological Forecast
    As we kick off this week with Mercury Retrograde: Part Two happening in Taurus from May 23 – June 2, this energy will be triggering our inflexibilities and resistance to change, and will also have us re-thinking our mental patterns – all of which is bound to trigger discomfort.
  • URANUS: Energetic Archetype & Qualities of the Great Awakener
    Overview of Uranus Energy Essential Dignities Domicile: Aquarius Detriment: Leo Exaltation: N/A Fall: Taurus Known as the Great Awakener, Uranus is electrifying, inventive, original. It has an 84-year orbit. It is said to be the higher octave of Mercury, representing the higher mind. Uranus is flashes of genius, or brilliant ideas. When that Uranian opening […]
  • JUPITER: Energetic Archetype & Qualities of the Greater Benefic
    A great way to understand Jupiter is that it either brings Excellence or Excess. It’s one or the other, with excellence being the highest frequency of Jupiter and excess being the lowest. Jupiter itself is pretty neutral, although it is the “greater benefic,” the bringer of good things. What it really brings though is opportunity, and with opportunity, it’s up to you to show up and put your skills, energy, and intention into it to maximize the potential.
  • CHIRON: The Mythology and Meaning of The Wounded Healer
    Overview of Chiron Energy The first discovered of the Centaurs, Chiron is a comet/minor planet. Because it’s not actually a planet, it doesn’t have any official essential dignities (domicile, detriment, exaltation, or fall.) Discovered in 1977, Chiron is known as “the wounded healer.” Part of the point with the wounded healer is that even if […]
  • Chiron in Aries: The Wounded Masculine
    Key Points Doubting of the self at a deep level. Feeling like, “unless I’ve already slayed the dragon, I don’t know if I can,” and learning how to believe you can do things you’ve never done before. Having the courage to be authentic. It takes guts to stop trying to be what everyone wants you […]
  • The Rest is Still Unwritten | Week of May 16 – 22 | Astrological Forecast
    Key Events This Week Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio | May 15/16 Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces  | May 18 Sun enters Gemini | May 20 Sun conjunct Mercury Rx at 0° Gemini | May 21 This week’s emphasis is on the power of the story we tell.  With the energy in Gemini in […]
  • Trusting the Process: Working with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini & Taurus | May/June 2022
    Key Points Our primary focus this week is on one particular, yet multi-faceted, cosmic event – Mercury Retrograde. The key message from this energy is that your perception creates your reality. When you change, adapt, and update your perception, you do the same for your reality. The reflective nature of Mercury’s retrograde period, especially in […]
  • PLUTO: Energetic Archetype & Qualities
    Pluto embodies the idea of “the only way out is through.” The ruler of death and rebirth, Pluto reminds us that endings and beginnings are all wrapped up into one – they’re inseparable. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, it is only through our own demise that we may be reborn, released into a newer, higher reality than we left behind because we have become a newer and higher version of ourself.
  • GEMINI: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Twins
    Overview of the Gemini Archetype Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac and is a mutable air sign. Mutable signs mark the end of their season and are characterized by fluidity and flexibility, making Gemini the flexible thinker of the Zodiac. Ruled by: Mercury Modality: Mutable (Spring) Element: Air Gemini, symbolized by the Twins, […]
  • SUN: Energetic Archetype & Qualities
    Overview of Sun Energy Essential Dignities The Sun is exalted in Aries, which means that it is in its “home away from home.” It feels most at home in Leo, but Aries is second-best. Domicile: Leo Detriment: Aquarius Exaltation: Aries Fall: Libra Joy: 9th House The Sun is the center of our solar system, around […]
  • When Opportunity Knocks: Venus & Jupiter in Aries + Mercury in Gemini | April/May 2022
    Key Points New energy is coming this week that is ready to match your intention and your level of belief in yourself. All the learning and clarifying we’ve done over these last five months of deep introspection, healing, processing, and releasing, has made way for the new that’s now coming in. Venus and Jupiter entering […]
  • Making Way for the New: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus & Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn | April-Oct 2022
    Key Points This week, we’re taking a look ahead at the next six or so months as these transits, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30 and Pluto Retrograde starting April 29, gradually unfold. There’s all kinds of energy creating big upgrades within us right now, and a swell of Earth energy […]
  • Practicing Presence: Sun in Taurus + Mercury, Uranus, North Node Conjunctions | April / May 2022
    Key Points During the Sun’s stint in Taurus, it will make conjunctions with Uranus, on May 5, and the North Node on May 13. With all of this energy in Taurus, our patterns will be coming to the surface where we can really see them. Taurus is a very consistent and repetitive energy, making its […]
  • MOON: Energetic Archetype & Qualities
    Overview of Moon Energy Essential Dignities Domicile: Cancer Detriment: Capricorn Exaltation: Taurus Fall: Scorpio Joy: 3rd House The Moon is the ruler of the 4th House and the 4th sign of Cancer.  It represents our emotions, sensitivities, intuition, and dominant mood or attitude. It’s an emotional filter, kind of like Mercury is our mental or […]
  • MERCURY: Energetic Archetype & Qualities
    Mercury itself represents a mirror, showing you exactly what is. No bias. No agenda. Just what is. No person is a perfect mirror containing no biases – we can’t help it! That’s because our natal planets are each in signs, and our natal Mercury placement tells us how we pay attention.
  • All About Equilibrium: Mercury in Taurus & Full Moon in Libra | April 2022
    Venus’s Taurus side helps us find equilibrium within ourselves, while her Libra side represents equilibrium with others, and that’s what this week is all about – Equilibrium.
  • LIBRA: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Scales
    Libra is ruled by Venus and is considered its masculine face. It rules the seventh house of partnership and is a cardinal air sign. Key aspects of Libra are serenity, relaxation, equilibrium, paradox, equity between opposites, art, aesthetic intelligence, beauty, releasing tension, seeing multiple sides to every situation, harmony, and cooperation. 
  • TAURUS: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Bull
    Taurus is symbolized by the Bull, an animal which gains a more “aggressive” reputation due to its association with bullfighting, but truthfully is just a cow, which at its core is a very peaceful creature.
  • When Aries Meets Pisces: April Astro Forecast + Venus in Pisces | April 2022
    When you let yourself feel how you feel, all rationalizations aside, you strengthen your self-compassion like a muscle. The big Pisces energy in the air during this Aries season, with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune all convening in Pisces at one time or another this month, is almost like an extended winter, with winter’s self-reflective qualities spilling over into spring.
  • PISCES: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Fish
    Pisces is known for being the artistic, generous, self-sacrificial healers of the Zodiac. It’s a very ethereal energy, setting aside ego and identity and merging with source or higher power. It is the embodiment of true humility, not feeling superior to anyone or anything. 
  • ARIES: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Ram
    Overview of the Aries Archetype Aries is the 1st sign of the Zodiac Ruled by: Mars (our warrior style) Modality: Cardinal (Spring) Element: Fire Aries is the primal fire sign, the very first in the Zodiac. It is where we learn to claim what’s rightfully ours. Its sister sign, Libra, deals with compromise – but […]
  • Planting Seeds: New Moon in Aries & Mercury in Aries | March/April 2022
    This is a phase of new beginnings, and it’s all about dreaming big. Big dreams, visions, and ideas can certainly be overwhelming, but it’s important to remember the words of Lao Tzu, who said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Honor yourself in this phase of new beginnings by being […]
  • Dream Now, Act Later: Neptune & Jupiter in Pisces, Spring Equinox, Sun in Aries
    These next four weeks will have big energy moving through the cosmos and our lives. The Jupiter conjunct Neptune transit in Pisces brings unbounded water energy, plus the cardinal-fire energy of Aries with its electric, primal life force energy is sure to bring visionary clarity to the big question of – who are you, really?
  • What Are Your Values? Use this quick exercise to find out
    Values are tools in your toolbox to help you move through the random situations life throws at you. What are the most important things in your life?
  • Navigate Your Natal Chart: An Introduction to Astrology (Part 1)
    The Big Picture We are all twelve zodiac energies, not just one or two. Pop culture generally focuses on the sun sign – this is the one most people know and leads them to believe “I’m a Gemini” or “I’m a Taurus” and that’s that. But it’s not so! In truth – we are ALL, […]
  • Three Rules for Shadow Work to Reclaim Your Power
    When we feel that someone is hurting us, it’s really a reflection of our own inner world. That’s a tough pill to swallow. But as difficult as it is to accept, I’m learning to embrace it by standing in this empowered place where I am fully responsible for my reality. So when somebody says something […]
  • Awakening to a Holistic Perspective of Physical Health: How I Got Here
    As a long-time chronic overeater, I’ve basically stamped out my body’s ability to tell me when I’m full. I don’t have a full – I can eat until I’m so top heavy that I just sort of topple over and go to sleep. And honestly, I have a lot of shame about this behavior. I’m […]
  • The Eye-Opening Impact of Food on Emotions
    I’m what the industry (or society or whatever) would call a “skinny fat person.” I have a decent metabolism and my build mostly stays put – so I can eat a lot of junk before I start seeing it reflected in my body’s physical appearance. I used to assume I was in the clear, that […]
  • Learning to Listen to Your Body
    A while back, I lost about forty pounds. I gained those forty pounds during my first year living in Dallas working at a software company (which you can read more about here) but eventually I ended up losing the amount I had gained and then some. I was feeling really good but by the time […]
  • Confessions of a Gemini: Replacing Emptiness with Worthiness
    Hello, my name is Carly, I’m a Gemini, and I feel empty inside sometimes. But, I don’t let that be the end of the world, and when I wake up the next morning, I still deliberately put an intentional interruption of happiness in my path. It has been a journey getting to this point, let […]
  • The Art of Allowing: Let the Path Unfold Beneath Your Feet
    Not too long ago I hosted my first-ever series of online events, a spotlight series on the Moon sign. The idea for this series was born in a moment of panic, when I was hosting an event and was asked a question that caught me off guard, that I didn’t have an answer for. In […]
  • Give In To Your Energy Flow: What My Angels Taught Me About Honoring My Authentic Self
    I had plans the other night – and I cancelled them. Last minute. I’d scheduled an event for the evening even though I know I’m a morning person. I don’t do evening-time things. I’ve recorded basically every episode of my podcast in the morning, and all of my best events are done during the day. […]
  • Three Keys to Being a Deliberate Creator
    I used to worry a lot about explaining myself so that people would understand me, and for a long time I felt so misunderstood – so complex and in-my-head, and multi-faceted beyond most people’s understanding. It was a really painful way to feel. Eventually I realized that it’s nobody else’s job to get me, only my own.
  • Invest in Yourself Daily: Why Self Care is Non-Negotiable (Especially as a Recovering Workaholic)
    I usually reserve Fridays as my “weekend day,” where I get to just hang out in my energy and have no plans – but I practice self care every day. Daily self care had been my practice for nearly two years when I opened my first business, my grocery store in February 2018, when, for […]
  • Give Fewer F*cks: Learning to Find Validation From Within
    Starting my podcast led me to unearth some deeply rooted pieces of my shadow. It gave me a better look at my full spectrum – the lightest of my light and darkest of my dark. On the one hand I was able to see a greater expression of the beauty I’m capable of creating, an […]
  • What is My Fear Saying? Head to the Observation Deck to Find Out
    I absolutely adore the wild adventure of creating my podcast and watching it all unfold – including the shadow work that comes along with it. Bearing my soul, episode by episode has definitely dredged up a lot of different things that I had no idea I was carrying around with me. I thought I was […]
  • Vulnerability Hangover: What It Is & Why It’s Actually a Good Sign
    I first learned about the “vulnerability hangover” from Brené Brown. She gave her first TEDx Talk: The Power of Vulnerability and woke up the next morning with the worst vulnerability hangover of her life as she tells in her 2nd TED Talk: Listening to Shame. She describes a vulnerability hangover as the feelings of regret […]
  • I Followed My “Hell Yes” & It Changed My Life
    The concept of “hell yes” energy is a simple one. When you feel “hell yes” energy you don’t have to think about your answer, or your next move, it just happens. Easily and like a no-brainer. The answer is an Emphatic HELL YES! And if you’re not getting a “hell yes”, it means it’s a […]
  • Go For It: Four Steps to Doing the Thing
    To go for it is to let yourself be seen, be vulnerable, be authentic. To let other people witness your authentic self, not knowing what they’re going to think about it. To coexist with the self-talk of the neverending list of ways you could “optimize your starting point” (is how I’ll say it kindly, to […]
  • Deservability Treatment June 29 2021
    I woke up Saturday morning, July 9, 2016, and it became Day 1 of the rest of my life. The literal start to the day came as I popped awake with a Very Clear thought in my mind that fell out of my mouth as I let the awareness wash over me that I was Done with living a depressed life. Either I was going to figure out how to have a happy life, or I was done. That weekend I maxed out my self-care. My mantra was “I’m going to do self-care until I feel better.” I used every tool I’d come across. Gratitude, journaling, exercise, water, sunshine, meditation, and the crown jewel, the Deservability Treatment.
  • A Plate of Drunken Noodles as a Spiritual Experience
    By Carly Whorton Written June 14, 2021 Spiritual Growth is often something we reach for as a goal and something to work towards but how do you know if your spirit is actually growing??? What does that even mean? Today I got a random craving to drive an hour round trip to treat myself to […]
  • Celebrations of Quarter 2 2021
    Life is an endless celebration of milestones, steppingstones, that lead us to the destination we seek and So Much More! By breathing in the present moment, and breathing out expectation, we allow the path to unfold beneath our feet. As we extend ourself to take the next step, full of readiness and willingness, Source answers by meeting our foot with the steppingstone it needs. Each step brings a new perspective, a new vantage point where we can rendezvous with opportunity for inspiration.