When Opportunity Knocks: Venus & Jupiter in Aries + Mercury in Gemini | April/May 2022

Key Points

New energy is coming this week that is ready to match your intention and your level of belief in yourself. All the learning and clarifying we’ve done over these last five months of deep introspection, healing, processing, and releasing, has made way for the new that’s now coming in.

Venus and Jupiter entering Aries in particular will be bringing in what’s next for us. What has happened over the past five months that has made you into a new person? How have you transformed? What in your life has been cleared away? This energy is ready to meet you where you are, so depending on how much space you’ve opened up in your life and what it is you let go of, that’s how much “new” you’ll receive. If you cleared out 5%, you’ll get 5%. If you’ve released something bigger, like a job or a relationship, then you’ve cleared out 50% or even more – so that’s what’s coming to you!

This energy is a burst of our soul blossoming forward into the open space that we’ve created. From here, it’s a matter of how much you believe in yourself. How self-centered are you? All this Aries energy begs of us to get self-centered – literally centered within ourselves – to align with our purpose, our whole reason for incarnating here in the first place. It asks us to honor our soul’s mission. To quote comedian Hannah Gadsby – “what is the purpose of your human?” As you ponder that, don’t talk yourself out of any dreams or grand visions before they ever even stand a chance of manifesting in the physical world.

We’ve been creating space for this new version of ourselves that we can feel is coming, and that we received a preview of during the Aries New Moon on April 1st. In natural harmony with all of this newness comes the insatiable curiosity of Mercury in Gemini, whose energy will have us following the yellow brick road of our curiosity as it divinely leads us to exactly the right information and insights at the right times to get aligned with our highest path.

Transit #1: Venus & Jupiter in Aries | May 2 & May 11, 2022

As we have this natural burst of who we are come forward and show itself to us, can you avoid talking yourself out of it?

We’re revisiting this theme from the New Moon in Aries on April 1st (watch that week’s livestream), which served as an intentional preview of the next leading-edge version of who you came here to be. Being a preview, we weren’t supposed to become this version of ourselves immediately or all at once. With the heavy Pisces energy still present in the first half of April, we were still deep in the dreaming phase and only now are we beginning to enter the “make things happen” phase. We’ve been doing what needed to be done to make space for what’s next, and “what’s next” is now knocking at the door.

The fortuitous duo of the Greater Benefic, Jupiter, and the Lesser Benefic, Venus, is known for bringing good stuff into our lives. In Aries, it’s here to take the intentional preview from the Aries New Moon and actually make it happen, unfold it into reality. This is a fiery burst to help us pursue our dreams.  Venus will remain here through May 28, while Jupiter’s stay will extend through October 28, when its retrograde takes it back into Pisces. On December 20th, Jupiter will re-enter Aries for another five month stint – so consider this round one!

This is a fiery burst to help us pursue our dreams.

This energy is essentially nuclear power for your soul, so take advantage of it while it’s here. These next five months, as well as the first five months of next year, are bringing a burst of energy to your dreams that seeks to actually make them happen in the physical. The motivation of Aries is to claim what’s rightfully ours, so feel the fire of your soul and let it lead you to what you were born to do, who you were born to be. When you get out of your own way, what will come forward?

Venus in Aries | May 2 – 28

Venus in Aries brings a focus on facing fears related to intimacy. In this case, facing the fear with Arien courage looks like stating our needs and communicating what we want. Venus in Aries is very aware of its own side of the situation and is very good at directness, bold truths, and courageous authenticity. This energy is not one for bottling up feelings (and if it does, beware the pressure cooker of steaming resentment that will eventually explode!) It has a highly passionate nature and requires you to move your energy or exercise, especially through Venusian channels like music and dance. There’s nothing quite like turning the music up loud and dancing your heart out to shake out the cobwebs!

On the shadow side of this energy is self-righteousness, which stands in the way of true intimacy, as well as an over-fixation on “your side” rather than discussing, learning, and listening. We may dramatize matters or feel like seeking revenge, getting even. A shadow aspect of Aries is winning at all costs, so if you find yourself in this sort of shadow space, try to focus on seeking forgiveness and acceptance instead.

Jupiter in Aries | May 11 – October 28

What’s essential at this time is having clarity of intention. Set clear intentions and spend time thinking about what it is that you truly want. The chances of you getting what you want right now are greater than usual – so ask! Ask for what you want.

This is an energy that is very good at bouncing back from adversity. It has a very high resilience, is highly spirited, and organically possesses a determined sense of courage. It creates a greater level of self-knowledge by asking us, “who are you really, and what do you really want out of this life?” helping us to see more clearly what is for our highest good and the highest good of all.

On the shadow side, something to beware of is a potential inflation of the Self to epic proportions. Our Self is meant to be inflated as we pursue our dreams and passions, but we aren’t meant to live in a vacuum. Reground into your clear intentions and point yourself back in the right direction of your dreams, staying mindful that this energy doesn’t over-expand your ego.

Transit #2: Mercury in Gemini | April 29 – May 23, 2022

Mercury will begin its retrograde on May 10, traversing back through the early degrees of Gemini and re-entering Taurus territory on the 22nd. It’ll then station direct at 26° Taurus on June 2 and head back into Gemini on June 14, then remain there through July 5. Overall, that’s 47 days that Mercury will spend in Gemini – not an insignificant amount!

To make the most of these 47 days, my biggest piece of advice is to beware of boredom. Your need for stimulation will likely be heightened under this transit, and you must feed your curiosity! Mercury in Gemini wants us to be open to whatever we’re curious about and not hold back from exploring it, even if you don’t have a “logical” reason to be doing so. It wants us to trust in curiosity as its own divine path. There’s so much divine timing included in what we become curious about – exploring our curiosities can give us the right information or insight at exactly the right time. This can only happen if we allow ourselves to give in and get curious, and Mercury in Gemini offers an ideal energy for just that.

Trust in curiosity as its own divine path.

Key energetic aspects of Mercury in Gemini are free association, discovering, hunger for new ideas and information, a high desire for conversation with others, light and airy in our thoughts and ideas, channeling, downloads of insight, attention having a life of its own, open-mindedness requiring psychic hygiene, asking “what if?” endlessly, a potential for overthinking, connecting the dots in a new way, and going broad rather than deep. To that last point, Mercury in Gemini covers a lot of ground!

A willingness to learn naturally comes with a willingness to change. The mutable air energy of Gemini works better with this than the fixed Earth of Taurus (hence the stubbornness of the bull), so really use these periods of Mercury in Gemini as a time to embrace the changes and new opportunities brought about by Jupiter and Venus in Aries and the current eclipse season. You can utilize this flexible energy to adapt more easily and joyfully to any new things that might be coming your way. When we explore our natural curiosities and learn new things, we consequently must change our belief systems and way of thinking to accommodate our new knowledge. And as they say – change your mind, change your life.

In Conclusion

“Fire burns intuitively. It just does.”

-Rick Levine

During this time with Jupiter and Venus in fiery Aries, allow its cleansing flames to intuitively burn down whatever isn’t true to your authentic self, whatever is holding you back from pursuing or embodying your deepest purpose here on Earth. The time is now to carry out the steps necessary to make our highest vision of ourselves (supplied by the Aries New Moon)  a 3D reality.

At the same time, let Mercury’s breezy jaunt through airy Gemini fan the flames of your inner fire, blazing new trails of desire and expanding your mental landscape, one controlled burn at a time. Like pruning, a controlled burn whisks away the old, dead, and no-longer-necessary foliage in tufts of smoke and ash in order to create a clear and fertile environment for new growth. Like a forest, let yourself be born anew in the flames, free to flourish in new and wonderful ways.

This is your moment. The Universe is matching 100% your belief in yourself! How ready are you?!

Article written by Maddie Billings; Content curated and presented by Carly Whorton

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