ARIES: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Ram

Overview of the Aries Archetype

Aries is the 1st sign of the Zodiac

Ruled by: Mars (our warrior style)

Modality: Cardinal (Spring)

Element: Fire

Aries is the primal fire sign, the very first in the Zodiac. It is where we learn to claim what’s rightfully ours. Its sister sign, Libra, deals with compromise – but Aries doesn’t deal with sharing. This means survival, taking up space, fighting for our rights and getting our way at least some of the time. It is, by nature, selfish – but that’s not all bad. It’s our warrior energy that indicates to us that we are worth fighting for and that we have every right to be here, to live our life.

Think of how a fire is started – it requires enough friction to be generated to then produce a spark, which then builds and spreads until a full-blown fire is born. Aries thrives on the friction that lets their fire rise to the surface. In the language of the Law of Attraction, you might refer to this friction as Contrast. Whatever you want to call it, friction/contrast is required for us to be who we are and know what we want (usually by way of seeing what we don’t want.) Aries is also competitive, whether that be with others or with oneself – which all makes evolution and expansion possible.

Aries Keywords 

Self, identity, what’s worth fighting for, raw spark of life, claiming what’s rightfully ours, protective instincts, courage, willingness to be bold, relationship with self, our drive to survive, are you choosing to be the hunter or the prey?, pioneering, enterprising, intensity, passion, raw fire, impulsive, new beginnings, burst of energy, hero’s journey

“Fire burns intuitively. It just does.”

Rick Levine

Shadow Side

Aries sometimes receives criticism for being self-centered. But self-centeredness is actually a protection mechanism, as it increases the chances that you will find success in pursuing your life’s work and of manifesting your dreams in the world. Every moment you spend focusing on yourself, the chances of that happening increases. Of course, balance is needed in focusing on the self and focusing on others. Selfishness is not only useful but necessary, and Aries helps us step into that important energy.

Aries has courage. It’s that part of us that chooses life, chooses to live – meaning that in its shadow realm can be the opposite – choosing death, suicide. 

Aries energy brings us back to the primal image of the circle of life, where violence is necessary and morals are relative, because survival is of primary importance. Do you believe that you deserve to live? Aries boils us down to this question.

Other Shadow Keywords

Self-righteousness, selfishness, ferocious, “bull in a china shop”, inconsiderate, fighting just to fight, winning at all costs

How to Embrace Aries Energy

Spend some time alone, take yourself on solo dates or vacations – become your own best friend. Aries is the individual of the Zodiac, and that can feel lonely sometimes. But by acknowledging the validity of your own presence and spending time genuinely witnessing that presence, you can become your own best friend who never leaves your side, always there to support you and honor you. The highest frequency of self-centeredness is self-trust, self-love, self-valuation and self-validation. Filling up your own cup so that you can pour from it freely and generously. During Aries season, sense the difference between unhelpful selfishness and empowered self-focus.

Sun in Aries / Aries Season

Aries season is about knowing the “fight” that lights your soul on fire. When we’re in Pisces season, we merge with the all. When we come back around to Aries, to the light half of the year, there is a regathering of all of our own identity. In Aries energy, we are encouraged to pull our energy back toward ourselves, to go fight the fights that truly matter to us. 

As are many elements of human life, the astrological year is a cycle. We’ve made a whole trip around the sun, once again, in the cyclical wheel of the zodiac. Each Aries season, we are all older and wiser than the last. So who are you now? What matters to you now? It’s time to reassert who you are and what you believe in. Put yourself back into the creative conversation. These are the seeds we plant that will grow all year long, so be the gardener of your own soul.

So what’s the first step to knowing who you are? Self-discovery! Anything with the word “new” in front of it (experience, people, food, etc.) is your best friend in the process of self-discovery. If you aren’t sure what your Arien “fight” is, no need to force it, just try new things, observe your reactions, and take note of how you feel.

What’s the Fight that sets your soul on fire?

Aries implores us to dig deeper when it comes to this question.

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