When Aries Meets Pisces: April Astro Forecast + Venus in Pisces | April 2022

April’s Energetic Forecast

When you let yourself feel how you feel, all rationalizations aside, you strengthen your self-compassion like a muscle. The big Pisces energy in the air during this Aries season, with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune all convening in Pisces at one time or another this month, is almost like an extended winter, with winter’s self-reflective qualities spilling over into spring. In the process of transmutation, energy is transformed within us. Through using observation and awareness, we can be with whatever we’re feeling, really hear its message, and release whatever no longer serves us. When we clear energetic space within us, we give the Universe the opportunity to fill us up with something new and better. Coming off of the Aries New Moon last Friday, April 1st, and heading into eclipse season with the Taurus solar eclipse on April 30th, the transmutation train is only just leaving the station.

We’re on the home stretch of healing, releasing, integrating, and letting go, and are heading towards the exciting stage of welcoming in the new.

When Aries Meets Pisces

Pisces embodies the energy of surrender, release, letting go, and ultimately opening new space. Pisces becomes One with the All, while Aries maintains a strong sense of self (read more about Pisces vs. Aries energies here.) Pisces energy is drawn out into Aries season this year, which is unusual, and the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12th will further intensify the Pisces potency. As the darkness of winter follows us into spring, the volume of our suffering will turn up, and we’ll have to crank up our self-compassion knob to match it.

Shadow work is not unlike reparenting ourselves. When you “misbehave,” how do you handle that with yourself? The coming together of Pisces and Aries energy, of winter and spring, is an opportunity to take a pattern of self-punishment or condemnation and turn it into loving self-awareness and compassion. Be your own parent, and treat yourself with the love you inherently deserve. As soon as you bring clarity and awareness into the situation, you can simply allow the emotions to pass. Biologically speaking, physical bursts of emotion last around 90-120 seconds. Becoming a witness of your own emotions allows you to ride the wave rather than being swept away by it.

It can be extra difficult to show ourselves love and compassion when we’re in the midst of behavior or emotions that we ourselves do not approve of or even identify with, but that’s actually the most important time. Instead of condemning yourself, be nice! Treat yourself with self-compassion as these shadows rise to the surface to be loved and transmuted to light. When our emotional reactions are dramatic and blown out of proportion, consider whether small frustrations have been building, slowly adding pressure over time, until the proverbial “last straw” does you in. How can you bring more awareness and acceptance to those small frustrations moving forward? Instead of letting the pressure build, maybe you can manage your emotions better along the way this time around. Shout out to emotional eruptions for pointing us toward where our emotional management practices need more fine tuning, care, or awareness! 

Allow this to nudge your self-compassion to the next level.

Venus in Pisces | April 5 – May 2, 2022

When Venus brings her light to the darkness of Pisces, it shows us the beauty to be found within our wounds.

Venus, the goddess of love, rules both Taurus and Libra. Taurus is the feminine face of Venus while Libra is the masculine face. With that, Venus is associated with the second and seventh houses. Much of what Venus gets chalked up to is relationships or falling in love, but really, our foundation for relationships is our relationship with ourselves. All other relationships are a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. In fact, our relationships with others serve as mirrors to better understand our relationship with ourselves, including our shadow patterns and limiting self beliefs.

How spiritually fulfilling are your relationships? Venus in Pisces asks us this question. If you wish you had a partner who was more on the same page as you spiritually, this is a good time to really think about that.

The Venus in Pisces transit also has to do with bringing the five senses (Venus) to our spiritual journey (Pisces) in the form of art (again, Venus!) Because we’re combining tangible sensory experiences of Venus with the All of Pisces, we may be more prone to physical psychic experiences. These types of experiences can lead to the Piscean habit of numbing, so be mindful of your feelings around these types of psychic experiences.

In this time, psychic hygiene matters more than ever. If your frequency dips, then you’ll begin manifesting low-frequency things. Psychic hygiene keeps your frequency high and helps you to manifest non-physical things along that same higher level. Watch out for the loop of wanting to experience the All and then being afraid when you do experience it, and compensating for that fear by numbing it. With Venus in Pisces, we have to process whatever we pick up energetically, and we’re bound to pick up a LOT! It can feel exhausting, so make sure you give yourself the space to process it all in order to keep your frequency up.

During Venus’s stint through Pisces, she will be conjunct Neptune on April 27th and Jupiter on the 30th, adding extra power to the Pisces energy coursing through the cosmos. First, Venus conjunct Neptune will have us questioning the line between psychosis and genius, merging our senses with the Divine and being shown where we need stronger boundaries. 

Then, since Jupiter expands everything it touches, its conjunction with Venus means a coming together of our values (Venus) and our beliefs (Jupiter.) Your sense of pleasure, enjoyment, and beauty in the world versus your belief system. When our pleasure and joy meet our belief systems, there can be a disconnect, so this will be a time of exploring how our values and beliefs inspire each other. Are they fueling each other to move in a positive direction? Are they interrupting each other? Are you living in alignment with your truest vision of how you see the world?

Also on April 30th will be the first eclipse of the season, a solar eclipse in Taurus – and the ruler of Taurus is none other than Venus! In the sign of Pisces, Venus is exalted, meaning it’s in its happy place, so this eclipse will be very much informed by our inner relationship with our higher selves. Venus’s journey through Pisces during self-aware Aries season is the perfect prep for the eclipse, when we’ll be called to release whatever it is we’ve discovered isn’t serving us.

Working with These Energies

In times calling for more self-compassion, it only makes sense that the forecast is calling for an increase of intensity in suffering.

When your shadow rises to the surface, when you “misbehave” or “act out” – can you be with yourself? Can you love yourself in the midst of it? Acceptance brings a necessary wave of clarity and peace, and helps us move through those moments. Our shadows are being brought to the forefront, and it’s our job to be there for ourselves and love ourselves through it. Our shadow patterns reach further back into the past than we may even be able to comprehend, likely having roots in both our early life and previous lives.

It may feel more difficult to bring compassion to your shadow patterns without understanding where they come from, so it might serve to do some journaling or meditation around early childhood or past life trauma, emotions, or events in order to gain a stronger understanding of what’s going on within your Being. Other helpful tools for self-understanding include Human Design, Gene Keys, and, of course, your astrological Natal Chart. These tools help us form a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves and the inner workings of our unique energy soup. Understanding can help foster compassion, but of course isn’t necessary for loving and accepting ourselves. Self-awareness is the biggest piece – self-love and acceptance are possible at any level of understanding.

In Conclusion:

This is a grand clearing, so ask yourself what you’re willing to surrender or what needs clearing from your life. Transcendence is the pinnacle of the healing process. It’s where we make peace and transcend. Making peace with what happened and when it happened, and with the pain that ensued, because it made us who we are today. It’s being grateful for the lesson and releasing the hurt. 

If you find yourself spinning in the victim realm of Pisces, remember that pain is your teacher. If you’re still in pain, you’re still learning. So try to be patient with yourself and remember that pain is not pointless. The highest frequency of Pisces is to trust in the divine timing of all things, to surrender to the Universe’s bigger plan. We aren’t just here for our own highest good, but the highest good of the all. Combine that with the self-awareness and self-compassion of high-frequency Aries, and you have a recipe for transmutation.

Blog article written by Maddie Billings; Content curated and presented by Carly Whorton

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