If you’re ready for powerful transformation, it’s all available to you! Everything shifts when you commit.

Breakthrough Life Coaching (Packages)

Do you know you’re made for more AND ready to blossom into your unique life mission? This is the perfect package for anyone who is ready to transform into a default of deep internal worthiness and authenticity.

During a weekly coaching call, together we excavate your vision for your dream life, and unpack and dismantle anything standing in the way, all step by step, in a safe space. All sessions are recorded for you to rewatch for further processing.

These sessions will be conducted intuitively based on your unique starting point and leading edge to make sure you get exactly what you need to move forward step by step. At your request, we can also incorporate your unique Natal Chart, Human Design Chart and/or Gene Keys Chart.

During scheduling, you’ll book your first session and we’ll arrange the rest of the scheduling from there. Are you ready to say YES to living as your True Self? I’m ready to hold space for your transformational journey and cheer on your courageous growth!

In addition to weekly individual sessions, these things automatically come with…

Community Enhancement: Sacred Circle

In addition to your individual weekly session, you will also have access to my Saturday Sacred Circle to build out your sense of safe community and practice co-regulating your system to safe, authentic, vulnerable spaces and people.

Bonus Pre-Recorded Program: The Worthiness Habit

This is an additional enhancement you will receive access to that will kickstart your understanding of how your mind and body are actively working against your transformation, which is self-loving and totally normal. This pre-recorded program is designed to be consumed at your own pace, over 4 weeks, to begin the deep embodiment journey of anchoring your inherent worthiness into every cell of your being. In addition to 4 recorded sessions, there are additional resources to work with on a daily basis, for 30 days.

Booking Instructions

  1. Click “Book Now” button below
  2. Click “Book Now” next to Breakthrough Life Coaching (Packages)
  3. Scroll down and select if you want 4, 8, or 12 weeks
  4. Click “Book”
  5. Schedule your first session by choosing a date/time that works for you
  6. Populate your details
  7. Click “Book Appointment
  8. **We will schedule your additional sessions at the end of your first session

Have questions or need alternative scheduling options? I would love to connect and figure it out! Go ahead and email me at or book a quick chat via zoom to discuss.