Trusting the Process: Working with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini & Taurus | May/June 2022

Key Points

Our primary focus this week is on one particular, yet multi-faceted, cosmic event – Mercury Retrograde.

The key message from this energy is that your perception creates your reality. When you change, adapt, and update your perception, you do the same for your reality.

The reflective nature of Mercury’s retrograde period, especially in the signs of Gemini and Taurus, encourage us to be our own observers and witness our reactions and responses to triggers. Creating an awareness around this helps us to choose differently by first being able to recognize perception as part of the equation, and then to apply a little scrutiny and curiosity to it. To challenge your perceptions goes a long way.

Of equal importance to being your own observer is to give yourself and others Grace. Be understanding. Mercury Retrograde energy challenges us all and can push our buttons like no other, and everyone is doing their best to work with that. If you’re doing this kind of work on the regular, of observing your reactions and emotions or doing inner/shadow work, you may be more accustomed to riding this type of energetic wave.

Mercury Retrograde | May 10 – June 2

Spanning May 10 to June 2, Mercury will backtrack through keenly curious Gemini and then dip back into the late degrees of sensual, laid-back Taurus, breaking ground in the Bull’s earthy domain on May 22.

Mercury Retrograde breaks things that need fixing so that we’re able to see what isn’t (and is) working. As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Whatever needs fixing will be illuminated during this time, so while these periods may be notorious for how frustrating they can feel, they aren’t for nothing!

This retrograde period will serve to show us which patterns really aren’t working. Gemini will illuminate our patterns while Taurus will show us how they really feel.

If you bumped your elbow on the wall during Mercury Retrograde, it might be easy to blame the wall. But who built those walls? (Hint – you did.)  We’re confronting our limiting patterns and we can be touchy about it. It can be jarring. We’re off balance and distracted by our own shit, and miscommunications are bound to happen. The little bumps in the road likely feel 10x bigger, your buttons pushed more precisely than ever.

This retrograde is also coinciding with Pluto’s six-month retrograde, which kicked off on April 29. Our power dynamics are being scrambled with Pluto while Mercury will simultaneously scramble our mental dynamics.

In Gemini | May 10 – 21

With Mercury’s retrograde through Gemini, we’re taking all that divine curiosity and turning it inward, getting really curious about our own mental patterns and dynamics. It’s a necessary period of release, reassessment, review – basically all the “re-” words. This retrograde lets us look into our own patterns and see how we got to where we are right now. To have your own shadow reflected to you can be difficult, but is a necessary part of growth as we move through our soul’s journey here on Earth.

Mercury entered Gemini on April 29 and will remain here until May 22, when the retrograde takes it back into Taurus. Following this retrograde period, Mercury will make its way back to Gemini on June 14, this time staying through July 5. Overall, that’s 47 days that Mercury will spend in Gemini, which is no small amount for fast-moving Mercury. Revisit the main themes of Mercury in Gemini here.

In Taurus | May 22 – June 2

Mercury’s Retrograde through Taurus is like a delayed pain response. For example, if you touch a hot stove, it hurts – and that pain communicates to you that the surface is too hot for you to be touching, It is beyond your body’s limit.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus is similar to this in the sense that you will feel the discomfort or pain of any pattern in your life that isn’t working. If you’ve been avoiding any unpleasant feelings, this is the time to face them head on. Taurus is all about being in the body and that includes feeling our feelings, no matter how viscerally uncomfortable or painful they may be.

Mercury mosied through Taurus from April 11 – 30, so as it retraces some of those steps in this retrograde, we’ll be revisiting some of those themes. Revisit the main themes of Mercury in Taurus here.

In Conclusion

The number one rule for Mercury Retrograde is this: Give Grace. Be understanding of others and of your own moments. Number two is, like author Michael Singer says in The Untethered Soul – be the observer. Watch your own reactions during this time. It’s a time of turning inward, exploring, and connecting the dots.

This time can give us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves if we let it. Instead of railing against what’s not working, just go with it. Times of Mercury Retrograde can be extremely illuminating, giving us a status update on our shadow work.

So instead of getting sucked into the frustration and mishaps, see if you can just go with the flow, trusting that whatever doesn’t work out wasn’t meant to.

Article written by Maddie Billings; Content curated and presented by Carly Whorton

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