PISCES: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Fish

Overview of the Pisces Archetype

Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac:

Ruled by: Neptune (Modern) / Jupiter (Ancient)

Modality: Mutable (Winter)

Element: Water

Pisces is known for being the artistic, generous, self-sacrificial healers of the Zodiac. It’s a very ethereal energy, setting aside ego and identity and merging with source or higher power. It is the embodiment of true humility, not feeling superior to anyone or anything.

In Pisces, we release attachment to form, definitions, and structure of self and others. We get in touch with our true essence. Pisces lets experience precede definition/judgment.

The three water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – together represent three stages of the healing journey. The third and final stage, Transcendence, involves releasing and letting go, is Pisces’ domain. In the highest frequency of Pisces, we re-merge with Spirit, trusting in the divinity of all things and that all is inherently well. This means transcending the difficulties, the challenges, the heaviness of the Earth realm.

Pisces energy is where we are able to embody Spirit in human form. The only way the divine can enter us is if we aren’t blocking our vessel with our ego. The ego exists to protect us, though, not impede us. It’s not necessarily something to be overcome or let go of. The lack of ego protection experienced by Pisces makes it more vulnerable to getting hurt out in the world – energetically or emotionally – since it is less protected by ego than the other 11 signs.

With the ego set aside, Pisces absorbs huge amounts of energy, making it highly sensitive. This makes Pisces prone to overstimulation and thus creates a strong need for establishing boundaries and practicing energetic protection or psychic hygiene. This also means that solitude is crucial for cleansing and recharging. Overstimulation can easily lead to a common Pisces shadow aspect – escapism.

The “evolutionary rocket fuel” of Pisces, as astrologer Steven Forrest puts it, is the depth it’s capable of. Pisces swims deep into the depths and glows brighter as they go. The first step to activating this superpower is to accept and embrace your Pisces sensitivity. It’s not uncommon for a Pisces to be told they’re “too sensitive” or to “grow a thicker skin” by well-meaning loved ones who only want their life experience to be easier. But for a Pisces to deny their hypersensitivity is to muddle their magic.

Pisces Keywords

Artistic, generous, self-sacrificial, healers (energetic), ethereal experience, transcendence, enlightenment, Christ consciousness, divine love, universal love, setting aside identity to merge with the All, true humility (can give up too easily) but oh so peaceful, passive. In one word, Pisces would be transcendence.

Shadow Side

The Piscean shadow can manifest as giving up too easily or being prone toward escapism, heading down the path of helplessness straight to martyrdom. In terms of escapism, generally Pisces is seeking to escape overstimulation due to wide open energetic boundaries.

Another Pisces shadow aspect is victimhood. Again due to hypersensitivity and subsequent overstimulation, Pisces can tend to find itself feeling like a victim to its intense emotional and energetic experience. Until they learn to ride the waves, managing their energy and emotions, they may feel like they’re drowning in it all.

The Fish of the Zodiac also has a tendency to become hypnotized by the other fish around it, swimming in the shallow waters. It starts paying attention to what they’re doing, and in that distraction, stops swimming deeper. They can become entranced and overwhelmed by the noise of life around them. This happens until Pisces comes to the realization that just because the other fish aren’t going to swim deeper, that doesn’t mean it can’t. This is where solitude comes in as a key to healthy Pisces energy – taking a break from all noise of all the other fish.

Sister Sign / Axis

The sister sign of Pisces is Virgo. The magic of the Pisces/Virgo axis is that it’s where vision and dreams meet practical, grounded action. With the Pisces/Virgo axis, we have fluidity on one end and structure on the other. Pisces dreams big and trusts the Universe while Virgo grounds those dreams into reality, into the physical world, by taking the necessary steps to get there. They function best together, as a balance.

The Pisces/Virgo axis is an axis of health. The Virgo end wants to be of service, constantly on the go because there’s never a shortage of people to help, which leads to burnout sooner or later. On the Pisces end is an openness and merging with the divine, which feels really good, but is difficult to break out of when going out into the world. The extreme sensitivity of this state can lead to overstimulation, which can then lead to numbing or escapism.

In their highest frequencies, both Pisces and Virgo embody radical acceptance – of self and of all things. A deep inner knowing develops over time and through trials that wellbeing is dominant. That all is well, always.

How to Embrace Pisces Energy

  • Meditate: Practicing the art of stillness is totally in the realm of Pisces. In Pisces, we find the things we can only see when we slow down, quiet our minds, and merge with the moment.
  • Take a swim, visit the ocean, or try a float tank: Pisces is a water sign, coming third after Cancer and Scorpio. Getting in touch with physical water energy, and even immersing yourself in it by swimming or floating, can serve as a powerful way to get in touch with your inner water energy. The healing power of the salty ocean air is not to be underestimated here, either!
  • Try interpretive dancing or singing: In Pisces, we let go of form. Of rules, directions, and precedents. Remove the rules and let your body (or voice, or pen, or paintbrush) just go with the flow and see how you feel. This is a great way to get in touch with your inner free-flowing Pisces energy.
  • Find humor in the human drama: By doing this, Pisces can begin to swim deeper, detaching from the seriousness of the 3D. Get the giggles by watching something funny or try taking a more light-hearted approach to your everyday life by laughing at, then letting go of, the little things.

Article written by Maddie Billings; Content curated and presented by Carly Whorton

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