Blessings in the Unknown | Week of May 30 – June 5 | Astrological Forecast

Key Transits This Week

  • Gemini New Moon | May 30
  • Mercury stations direct in Taurus | June 3
  • Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius | June 5

Soul Questions by the Transits

Gemini New Moon | May 30

The New Moon in Gemini is bringing a significant upgrade in how we relate to the world. When our beliefs evolve, the way we show up in the world evolves, too.

“What if everything you know about yourself is imaginary?” -Matt Kahn

Mercury stations direct in Taurus | June 3

Mercury retrograde is coming to a close in the super chill sign of Taurus, allowing our mental energy to reorient itself in the soft stillness of the Bull’s domain. Let this gentle energy seep into your mental space by contemplating –

What in your life calms your mind?

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius | June 5 – Oct 23

When structural Saturn goes retrograde, it turns the focus inward, asking us to look within at our own structures, boundaries, responsibilities, etc. Use these journal prompts to help you flow more smoothly with Saturn’s retrograde energy:

I’m proud of myself when…

My skills/talents include…
My role models are really good at…

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