SUN: Energetic Archetype & Qualities

Overview of Sun Energy

Essential Dignities

The Sun is exalted in Aries, which means that it is in its “home away from home.” It feels most at home in Leo, but Aries is second-best.

Domicile: Leo

Detriment: Aquarius

Exaltation: Aries

Fall: Libra

Joy: 9th House

The Sun is the center of our solar system, around which everything revolves. In our natal chart, it holds our personality together the same way it holds our solar system together. It’s like the internal tiebreaker – with ultimate yay, nay, or veto power.

The Sun is central to our personalities, and determines whether you have a day chart or a night chart (placed in houses 1-6 = night chart; houses 7-12 = day chart.) It moves about 1° per day.

It represents our most basic values and is the most commonly known sign in astrology. It comprises our ego, which can easily dip into shadow territory in the form of arrogance, self-distortions, and seeing ourselves as the center of the Universe rather than our Universe. 

The Sun asks – who are you, really? 

Sun Keywords

Astrologer Steven Forrest explains that the Sun represents our evolutionary aim, core values, life strategy, the tools we were born with, life force, vitality, growth.

To ignore your Sun sign is to spiritually stifle yourself, to separate yourself from your life force. It is the ultimate light wanting to be expressed through you, while the Moon, on the other hand, is the corresponding energy that makes it possible for us to shine that light out into the world.

Article written by Maddie Billings; content curated and presented by Carly Whorton

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