Week of June 27 – July 3 | Astrological Forecast

Key Upcoming Transits

  • Neptune Retrograde in Pisces | June 28
  • Cancer New Moon | June 28/29

Energy Overview

Neptune Retrograde | June 28 – December 3

We’re kicking off this week with Neptune going retrograde in Pisces. While Neptune normally creates confusion and illusion, its retrograde provides clarity. Unlike the lightbulb epiphany style of Uranian clarity, Neptunian clarity is like a fog that slowly dissipates to reveal what lies hidden beneath. 

Neptune Retrograde comes along to dismantle illusions, showing us the power of our own faith and perception. 

Cancer New Moon | June 28/29

The Cancer New Moon will be raising the volume on our emotions, lighting up new emotional territory that wants to be explored. This can be intense, but when the pendulum swings deep into uncomfortable emotions, it’s only natural that it must swing the other direction with equal intensity. If you want the good stuff, you have to learn how to surf the “bad” stuff too (it’s not really bad, just different and sometimes uncomfortable.)
Intense emotions have the power to make us feel alive. The New Moon in Cancer wants us to be present with that intensity and, in turn, to feel gratitude for being alive.

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