Three Keys to Being a Deliberate Creator

Four and a half years ago, I was under the impression that I didn’t have emotions. I thought I was a robot. In time I figured out that I was mistaking expressing emotions for having them. The emotions themselves really have nothing to do with how you express them – the expression of an emotion is just a manifestation. “E-motion” is the energy that moves through us all, so if you’re alive, you have emotions. Whether or not we want to pay attention to them is a matter of choice. Stepping into the role of the Deliberate Creator means to deliberately pick up and carry around really awesome-feeling energy while deliberately letting go of everything that doesn’t feel good. Here’s how you can get started:

Key #1: Practice Self-Awareness

I used to worry a lot about explaining myself so that people would understand me, and for a long time I felt so misunderstood – so complex and in-my-head, and multi-faceted beyond most people’s understanding. It was a really painful way to feel. Eventually I realized that it’s nobody else’s job to get me, only my own. This is where I began to understand and learn about the power of self awareness. Self awareness, in general, points us back into ourselves, and what’s waiting for us there is a constant flow of rich emotional information.

Regardless of how much you’ve explored or intentionally felt into your frequency, you probably know what it feels like to be in a bad mood vs a good mood. Our moods and emotional reactions give us an entry point to a deeper understanding of our own Energy. They tell us exactly what we need to know. When you feel good, trust that you’re at a high frequency, and when you feel bad, know that you have some vibrational work to do. So how can you get back to that higher frequency? I think it boils down to one simple question: Where does happiness come from?

Key #2: Pursue Happiness

First of all, take a moment to remember whatever it was that you were focusing on or thinking about that caused your vibration to dip. Maybe it’s, “This relationship isn’t what I want it to be,” or, “That person doesn’t get me the way I want them to,” “My boss doesn’t appreciate my work,” or “What if I can’t pay the rent?” There are so many different directions we can point our attention that will lower our vibration, but the truth is that you don’t have to wait for any circumstance to change or improve to redirect your attention – you can change your focus now. Don’t fear the low-vibe thoughts, just acknowledge their presence and then put them down. 

If you’re unhappy with the way things are manifesting in your life, allow self awareness to pull you back into yourself, where you can take an honest look at your emotions, your energy. What you feel and focus on right now in this moment matters, because your entire life will directly reflect it back to you. The more we intentionally focus on good-feeling things, our frequency’s average “set point” will rise. That’s just math. And that set point, your average, day-to-day frequency, is what you might know as your happiness. When you choose to raise your frequency every day, you become the Deliberate Creator of your life – and your happiness is entirely in your hands.

While we can’t make our problems and worries disappear, we can set them aside for long enough to raise our vibe, and then come back and approach them from a higher perspective. I’ve found it incredible how differently people in my life have behaved towards me once I approached them from a higher frequency. I used to be a person who believed that I was incapable of making friends, but now I’m just about maxed out in that department. That’s not a problem I ever thought I’d have, and it only goes to show the power of self-awareness and emotion management. But why is this so powerful? Since our emotions are our connection to the Universe, it’s through emotion that our intuition flows forth. When you strengthen this connection through self-awareness and emotion management, you allow your intuition to grow wider and wider. The expression of that intuitive energy is channeling.

Key #3: Open Up to Channeling

If you’ve listened to my podcast, you might’ve noticed that I have a tendency to lose my train of thought at times. Finding the words to describe the energies I feel as they flow so quickly is sometimes impossible to keep up with – but that’s exactly what channeling is. I personally believe that we all channel, it’s not a Unicorn-like ability that only a select few people experience. It’s all about recognizing when you’re channeling, and the first step in doing that is to broaden your definition of what channeling really is.

For me, channeling is when you can sense energy, feel it emotionally, and recognize as it turns into thought. We do this all the time, receive our thoughts from outside energy – a lot more than we think. The idea that pops into your head out of nowhere, for example, is channeled. You channeled that idea. I’ve learned to think about it like that, and it’s opened me up in new ways to the energies I encounter. When I want to “channel” deliberately, like when  I’m getting ready to record an episode of my podcast, I quiet my thinking mind, thank it for its service, allow myself to just be, and as I allow myself to relax, and the good-feeling thoughts flow. I open myself up and just allow the energy that’s inside of me to express itself. To prepare myself, I prioritize my morning self care routine, journaling and gratitude, and just generally spend a while gushing (for my own benefit) for a while about how amazing my life is. This gets the energy flowing and attuned to the highest, most positive frequency I can reach for that morning. And then I go for it. I pull that energy forward and see what comes of it – and it feels so good!

It feels good to not worry about what the message is going to be, or what the best way to explain it is, and to just have Faith. Trust. Trust that because I’m Deliberately raising my vibration every day, that the energy flowing through me will also rise in frequency. And now that I’m living with higher frequency energy, e-motion, recognizing the energy moving through me, the thoughts and ideas that are coming through only get better and richer.

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Content from Episode 7 of “i learned…” podcast by Carly Whorton, adapted by Maddie Billings

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