The Rest is Still Unwritten | Week of May 16 – 22 | Astrological Forecast

Key Events This Week

  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio | May 15/16
  • Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces  | May 18
  • Sun enters Gemini | May 20
  • Sun conjunct Mercury Rx at 0° Gemini | May 21

This week’s emphasis is on the power of the story we tell. 

With the energy in Gemini in particular, we’re reminded of one of Gemini’s top superpowers – a detached perspective, which suggests that the best way is usually more objectively defined.

When the Sun is in Gemini, that naturally means that the Earth is in the opposite/sister sign, which in this case is Sagittarius. This combination tells us to look at the big picture.

Working with This Week’s Energy:

  1. Detach from your story of what the world is. Open to the possibility that there is a better version of your story.
  2. Zoom out as far as you can. Go general.
  3. See that this is still an authentic/real description of what’s going on.

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