MOON: Energetic Archetype & Qualities

Overview of Moon Energy

Essential Dignities

Domicile: Cancer

Detriment: Capricorn

Exaltation: Taurus

Fall: Scorpio

Joy: 3rd House

The Moon is the ruler of the 4th House and the 4th sign of Cancer. 

It represents our emotions, sensitivities, intuition, and dominant mood or attitude. It’s an emotional filter, kind of like Mercury is our mental or perspective filter. We all process life’s emotions differently, in both how we process and how we express them. No two people feel the same way.

As Mother Moon, the feminine face of God, she represents your mothering instincts, which we all have, regardless of sex or gender. It’s how caring we are toward ourselves and others. The Moon points us toward how we can keep our gas tank full by practicing self-care and knowing our needs.

The Moon is the great healer, creating the feeling of “glad to be alive.” Overcoming hard things to come back to a place of gratitude in our lives. You can’t heal what you can’t feel. The Moon rules over and guides this process. 

The Moon also shows us that where true security comes from is from within. It’s finding “home” inside our own bodies.

Moon Phase Meanings

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, occupying the same space. It represents the “teacher” phase. New beginnings, planting seeds, setting intentions, initiations, activations.

When the Moon is positioned directly opposite the Sun, we get a Full Moon. These are a time of manifestation and fruition, the sprouts (or fruits) of the seeds we planted during prior New Moon phases.

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