TAURUS: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Bull

Overview of Taurus Archetype

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the Zodiac:

Ruled by: Venus

Modality: Fixed (Spring)

Element: Earth

Taurus is represented by a Bull, an animal which gains a more “aggressive” reputation due to its association with bullfighting, but truthfully is just a cow, which are very peaceful creatures. They can be aggravated, sure, but unless strongly provoked, you won’t really get much of a reaction out of them. This is a very Taurean concept, actually, to remain fully calm while being poked and prodded, until that poking and prodding crosses the line – and then and only then, to react with the full force of one’s power.

Taurus is not to be underestimated just because on the surface they are very serene and calm looking. 

Taurus Keywords

Taurus rules our five senses, inner animal, animal instincts, getting in our body, nature and the earth, moving at the pace of the wellbeing of the earth itself, being naturally at peace, as well as global food systems, currency systems, weather patterns, and our physical wellbeing and survival in general.

One of the main pillars of Taurus energy is stability or security. That the important things are taken care of. “Important” is a matter of personal values, which are represented by Venus, the ruler of Taurus (and Libra.) Use the activity in this article to help determine your core values.

Another major aspect of Taurus is inner peace, which is born of a strong sense of security. Along with inner peace also comes inner silence, a contentedness with what is and an expression of simply being at peace. Along with this, though, there is also an independent, “provider” type energy to Taurus that speaks to meeting one’s own needs and providing for oneself.

Along with the Taurus territory comes luxury, pleasure, and indulging the five senses. Depending on your Taurus house placement, you get to share this with those you care about. For example, with Taurus covering the fourth house/on the IC, you share these things with your family and loved ones at home. On the other hand, with Taurus in the 10th house/on the Midheaven, you share them with the world by selling your creations as a business.

Animals exist purely in the realm of their senses, feeling their way through the world. They operate by instinct. Taurus is where we get in touch with our inner animal, connecting us to this sensual energy. Not only is it a sensual energy, but it’s highly intuitive, utilizing the body’s inner knowing fostered by keen senses.

Shadow Side

Taurus is a very consistent and repetitive energy, making its energy more prone to getting stuck in comfortable ruts. Taurus isn’t too interested in change, since it’s comfortable with being, well, comfortable – hence the classic Taurean reputation of being “stubborn.” It wants to find what works and just keep on doing that, creating a greater likelihood of getting stuck in the comfort zone.

Though Taurus may dig its heels into your comfortable patterns a bit as you attempt to bring change to them, it is Taurus energy that is the reason why we’re able to see these patterns so clearly in the first place. Thank you, Taurus, for showing us the Wisdom of our Ways!

With Taurus, we also have the stereotype of materialism. Like all Earth signs, it can get too caught up in the earth realm, not seeing beyond the physical. However, what this really comes back to is possession of food – a primal need in the animal world. Taurus is possession-based in the sense of meeting basic physical needs, so it’s not inherently negative. 

We need our physical vessel in order to do or accomplish anything in this world. Our inner animal (aka Taurus) is concerned with the survival of our flesh suit, our vessel, and because of that, has a sense and a knack for taking care of our physical resources. A well-resourced Taurus is a high-frequency Taurus! Taking care of all our physical needs lets us sink into inner peace, Taurus’s highest expression.

Taurus Temptations to Recognize:

  • Denial placidness (denial-induced calmness, non-reaction due to non-acceptance)
  • Stubborn materialism

Sister Sign / Axis

The sister sign to Taurus is Scorpio. This axis is one of Power and Security. Taurus is very much the physical side of that, while Scorpio is the emotional side.

How to Embrace Taurus Energy

You can start getting into your Taurus energy by getting into your body. This is extra important if you’re currently feeling disconnected from your body, hating on it, or just dragging it around with you, living mostly in your head. Start with Breath, Sound, Movement, and Touch (watch a video about this concept here) and scan your body often for any tense or clenched muscles, relaxing them intentionally each time you notice one. When we disconnect from our body, our life force leaves with us. Bringing your awareness back into your body brings literal Life back into your body, back into the present moment. This is Embodiment, and it’s where the higher frequencies of Taurus energy invites us.

Another way to get into your Taurus energy is to connect with your inner animal. You can do this by thinking about your favorite animal and its characteristics (location, lifestyle, etc), and looking for yourself in those qualities.

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