Riding the Wave: Week of May 23 – 29 | Astrological Forecast

Key Events This Week

  • Mercury Retrograde back into Taurus | May 23
  • Mars enters Aries | May 24
  • Venus enters its domicile, Taurus | May 28
  • Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries | May 29

Energy Overview

As we kick off this week with Mercury Retrograde: Part Two happening in Taurus from May 23 – June 2, this energy will be triggering our inflexibilities and resistance to change, and will also have us re-thinking our mental patterns – all of which is bound to trigger discomfort.

Then on Thursday and Friday (May 25 & 26), the gang will all be here in Aries – Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Venus, and Chiron. Mars is a happy camper here in the first sign, its domicile, and if that weren’t enough, it’ll also be joined by both of the benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus, packing an extra powerful punch!

Then, on Saturday May 28, we’ll feel a major change in pace as Venus, Uranus, Moon, North Node, and Mercury Rx will all be chillin’ in the sign of Taurus. With Venus in its domicile and the Moon in her sign of exaltation both adding an extra dose of ‘ahhhh,’ this little soiree sings with R&R vibes. It’ll be all about rest and recovery.

Working With This Week’s Energy

Working with this week’s energy begins with this question – What does it mean to “get in your body?’
The answer to that question, and the key to working with this week’s energy, is to simply relax. Drop in, and release any tension from your beautiful body. Be relaxed, physically, on purpose.

Dive Deeper

Article written by Maddie Billings; Content curated and presented by Carly Whorton

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