This is a space for deep, sensitive, mystical, old souls who want to expand their soul community by connecting with others who are living spirit-led lives.

The world has some safe spaces where you are free to be totally and wholly yourself, and this is one of them!

In this space, every Saturday, we connect and remind ourselves of who we really are.

Sacred Circle aka “Circle”

This is a powerful 90 minute event that raises your vibe and connects you with other giant-hearted souls who want to be and do better for themselves and the world.

Frequency: weekly, Saturdays at 10am Central Time

Where: Zoom

Price: $45/month

You are welcome to check out a single Sacred Circle, or drop in whenever you can make it, by purchasing a Day Pass for $15.

Want FREE access to Sacred Circle?

Those in my Breakthrough Life Coaching containers gain full access to Sacred Circle each week as part of their transformational journey.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at