All About Equilibrium: Mercury in Taurus & Full Moon in Libra | April 2022

Key Points

This week, Taurus brings a sense of Calm to the air, slowing us down to the natural harmony of life, a pace much slower than we’re used to (here in America, anyway.) We’re rooting into our own sense of inner peace and allowing life to reflect our internal wellbeing back to us. As you slow down and look around you this week, remember that what you see is not separate from you, but is actually created from within your own being. Don’t like what you see? Turn inward, change that world, and watch how your outer world changes in response.

  • Today, April 11, through April 30, Mercury will be in the second sign of Taurus, slowing down the pace of our minds and delivering Divinely Simple inspiration. 

  • A Full Moon in Libra will take place on April 16 at 1:54pm Central Time, bringing with it the culmination or manifestation of an expansion of harmony and beauty.

Following last week’s focus on Venus in Pisces, the key themes of the week are bound to be equally Venusian, as she rules both Taurus and Libra, two of the stars of this week’s show. Venus’s Taurus side helps us find equilibrium within ourselves, while her Libra side represents equilibrium with others, and that’s what this week is all about – Equilibrium.

Transit #1: Mercury in Taurus | April 11 – 30, 2022

Mercury enters Taurus today and will hang around through April 30, but will also return May 23 – June 13, so don’t fret if some stones are left unturned this first time around. 

When Mercury enters Taurus (read more about Taurus here), especially coming off of fiery fast-paced Aries, there is a major slowdown of the mind because Mercury in Taurus takes its time, explores its options. Bearers of this natal placement exude peace through the tone and vibration of their voice. There’s a magnetic quality to this slow calmness of speech as well as an incredible talent for patient listening. Silence is the greatest teacher for Mercury in Taurus and you can actually communicate with it (think intentional pauses and contemplative deep breaths.) Slipping into the still silence of nature and letting the world fall away is the best way to integrate, learn, and grow with Mercury in Taurus.

We can use this slowdown to cultivate simple calm inside of us. Let your thinking mind take a break and see if something natural and organic rises within you.

Everything you seek is already within you, and the second house journey of self-worth and inner security is all about learning to trust that you already have everything you need. If you try to resist the slowdown and maintain your Mercury in Aries speed or the need to control things, you’re bound to wind up frustrated or angry. If you allow yourself to surrender to the slowdown, wellbeing will find its way to you at its natural pace.

Wellbeing is the natural vibration of nature, so Mercury in Taurus is also a great time to expose yourself to nature and natural people. Physical contact with the earth connects you with this vibration and can help connect you with your Taurean inner peace. This practice is called Earthing and is even known to have physical health benefits along with the non-physical. 

During this transit, the vibration of your voice carries within it exactly what you think of yourself, think of the world, and think of other people. This is either going to create a positive or a negative impact, depending on where your frequency is at. If you aren’t feeling good about yourself or a situation, some withdrawal, silence, or time in nature before speaking may be helpful to cleanse your vibration of negative energy around self-worth. 

Original and unconventional art also comes with Mercury in Taurus territory. It’s a very simple energy that sees the heart or essence of a matter and operates from that alone. Allow this transit to help you look at complicated issues from a simplified perspective, and maybe you’ll even feel inspired to create something from it, whether artistically or otherwise.

Transit #2: Full Moon in Libra at 26° | April 16, 2022

The moon is in great company with Taurus and Libra, as they are all three associated with Venus. Libra is known as the masculine face of Venus while Taurus is the feminine face. The moon is considered “exalted” in Taurus – taking care of your emotional needs (Moon) is the highest level of security (Taurus.) Read more about Libra here.

If Taurus is finding equilibrium and harmony within ourselves, then Libra is finding equilibrium and harmony with others – in our relationships and partnerships. Libra energy is sometimes seen as indecisive, but really it’s a land where there is no right and wrong and where truth exists within everything – it’s all about perspective. There is a tolerance for paradox, a lack of need for right and wrong. What’s more important is finding harmony between opposites.

The Full Moon in Libra is a blooming of harmony stemming from a blooming of perception. Expanding into the truth of others while we stand strong in our Arien sense of self. The full moon illuminates different pathways of cooperation you could take in pursuing your highest path. This also illuminates power struggles and encourages us to step more into our personal power in relationships. All of this serves to manifest a new level of relationship, first and foremost with yourself. This will allow for new relationships outside of yourself, as all relationships are simply mirrors for our own inner relationship.

We can’t change what came before, but we absolutely can learn from it and choose to show up differently in the future, creating new outcomes. This is especially true in the realm of partnerships/relationships right now, but could apply to other areas of life as well. 

This is a great time to get clarity around when you should stick to your guns and when you should compromise and collaborate.

In Conclusion

As a whole, this week’s energies have us focused around balance. Mercury in Taurus helps us achieve this focus by sloooooowing us down to the natural pace of the earth, a pace that equates to wellbeing and can help usher more of it into our lives. The Full Moon in Libra will then come in to illuminate our inner relationship, shedding light on how we really feel about ourselves and how those feelings then shape the dynamics of our external relationships. By getting a clearer look at this inner dynamic, we’re able to see new ways forward onto our highest path through collaboration with others, which can ultimately be achieved by tweaking our inner relationship with ourselves.

Article written by Maddie Billings; Content curated and presented by Carly Whorton

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