What Are Your Values? Use this quick exercise to find out

Values are used for decision making. Values are tools in your toolbox to help you move through the random situations life throws at you. What are the most important things in your life? What are the first things that pop into your mind? How many things come to mind? If you’re anything like me, writing a list of what you value mostly causes your brain to draw a big blank.

Getting clear on our values is something of an illusory target since our values can be fluid and evolve as we live new life experiences. As they say, we live and we learn… and as we learn, our values become more refined as well. As an example, I valued wealth and status a whole lot more before I actually had them, and once I was living those values, I realized they weren’t all they were cracked up to be. From that experience, my values shifted into a deeper place where I circumvented money and jumped straight to happiness.

Personal Values Exercise

  1. Grab a pen and some paper
  2. Yes/No – do you value [example]? Consider each example one at a time. If yes, you do value the example, either circle it or write it on your piece of paper. In this step, you can decide “Yes” on as many values as you feel a Yes for. This is an attempt at your full list of values. If you think of other values you want to add that aren’t listed in the examples, add them to your list.
  3. Top Values – put a star next to the top half of your values. 
  4. Top 10 – carve it down again to only 10 values. 
  5. Ordered 1-10 – it’s ok if this feels nearly impossible, remember there’s no right or wrong and this is just meant to be a helpful contemplation. Do your best to put your top 10 in an order of most important, to least important. 
  6. Reflect – I encourage you to put your top 10 list somewhere you’ll see it multiple times a day. Give yourself a few days to consider the list you’ve chosen. Are there values that keep coming to you that didn’t make it into your list? Are you proud of your values or are you second-guessing yourself? One more time for the cheap seats in the back, there is no right or wrong, this is only meant to help clarify where we currently are.

I would love to hear your top 5, or any that you were inspired to add that felt special to you!

I hope you enjoy this free gift, from my heart to yours. If you did, you may also enjoy these other exercises I have available:

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Sending all the love!

~ Carly

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