Deservability Treatment June 29 2021

Deservability Treatment June 29, 2021

By Carly Whorton

July 8, 2016 my life changed, 5 minutes into my first appointment with my new therapist. Hanging on the edge of my latest multi-month depressive episode, I tentatively walked into her office. Knowing full well I needed help, and I needed it like a month ago. But here I was today, ready to invite answers with open arms. Whatever would help me to feel better, I was all in.

When I sat down she invited me to share how I’d made the decision to seek out her help. I talked about my unfulfilling job, my frustratingly empty relationship with my family, my jealousy issues with my on/off boyfriend of the time and how depression was basically normal for the last decade and a half but this was getting especially dark. Within a few minutes, she stood, paused to let me know to continue and she was listening, then went to her desk. She calmly opened a specific drawer, and took out a single sheet of paper. She returned to her seat and warmly waited for me to finish my story of what had brought me to her.

When I had finished my story she simply handed me the piece of paper and requested that I read it aloud. I glanced at the bolded title at the top: Deservability Treatment. I didn’t have a point of reference in my mind for what “Deservability Treatment” would mean but I assumed the obvious. My “Deservability” needs “treated”? Allllrighty. Here goes.

I made it about a sentence and a half before I couldn’t hold my tears back any longer. Through full on sobbing, I told her “I can’t do this.” She calmly, and again warmly, responded, “Yes. You can. Take your time.”

I cried the whole way through it. And in my mind it was clear. I don’t believe a word of this and it hurts that I don’t. It’s painful to run these sentences through my mind. Other people aren’t hurting me; my mind is. My beliefs are what are hurting me. Based on my full on meltdown in front of the woman I’d just met, I’m discovering my lack of self-love, worthiness, and ok, we’ll call it “Deservability”. I was crying because I knew what I was saying wasn’t true and I wished with everything inside me, at that moment, for it to be true.

To get the full idea, I invite you to give it a try. No pressure. No need to report back or to do it in front of another living soul. The out loud part though, that’s required.


Deservability Treatment

By Louise Hay

I am deserving.   I deserve all good.   Not some, not a little, but all good.   I now move past all negative, restricting thoughts.   I release and let go of the limitations of my parents. I love them, and I go beyond them.   I am not their negative opinions, nor their limiting beliefs.   I am not bound by any of the fears or prejudices of the current society I live in.   I no longer identify with limitation of any kind.

In my mind I have total freedom.   I now move into a space of consciousness, where I am willing to see myself differently.   I am willing to create new thoughts about myself and about my life.   My new thinking becomes new experiences.

I now know and affirm that I am at one with the Prospering Power of the Universe.   As such, I now prosper in a number of ways.   The totality of possibilities lies before me. I deserve life, a good life.   I deserve love, an abundance of love.   I deserve good health.   I deserve joy and happiness.   I deserve freedom to be all that I can be.   I deserve more than that.   I deserve all good.

The Universe is more than willing to manifest my new beliefs.   And I accept this abundant life with joy, pleasure, and gratitude.   For I am deserving.   I accept it; I know it to be true.


After I finished sobbing through reading this aloud for the first time, I spent another 45 minutes with my new therapist unpacking the big emotions that had risen to the surface, and the thoughts that had been present with them. As we wrapped up, she invited me to try something. To read the Deservability Treatment at home, out loud, while looking at myself in the mirror. She suggested once a day for about a month. It was a moment of “Hell Yes!” kind of energy, even though I didn’t know what to call it at the time.

That appointment was on a Friday evening after work. I read the Deservability Treatment to myself in the mirror before bed and cried just as hard through the whole thing. I was resolute I would continue this at least until I could read the whole thing without crying. I could tell I had been given something very powerful. I had no idea just how powerful.

I woke up Saturday morning, July 9, 2016, and it became Day 1 of the rest of my life. The literal start to the day came as I popped awake with a Very Clear thought in my mind that fell out of my mouth as I let the awareness wash over me that I was Done with living a depressed life. Either I was going to figure out how to have a happy life, or I was done. That weekend I maxed out my self-care. My mantra was “I’m going to do self-care until I feel better.” I used every tool I’d come across. Gratitude, journaling, exercise, water, sunshine, meditation, and the crown jewel, the Deservability Treatment.

It took about 10 days, reading the treatment to myself in the mirror, at least a couple times a day, and by that time I had big chunks of it memorized. Because it was memorized in parts, I was looking at myself when I smiled for the first time while reading it. I smiled because the sentence I was reciting was a pleasant reminder about my life. I was beginning to believe it! Holy fucking shit! It was freaking working!

I kept it up, a couple times a day for 2 months. That was 5 years ago this week. And here I am. Standing inside a life that looks nothing like the one from 5 years ago. It has me marveling at the power of the tool that was so simply handed to me that day. It also brings my passions to a head to go ahead and try writing my own Deservability Treatments. It’s been a thought for 5 years and now it’s a reality. The first of many.


Deservability Treatment by Carly Whorton

Written June 29, 2021

I am surrounded by powerful creators, perpetually inviting me to explore upwardly. I am rich beyond measure in every way imaginable. I am living exactly where I want to be, where I’ve dreamed of being.

My family relationships are harmonious and aligned. I release all of them to their own highest good as I lean toward the same. I am at peace in our family unit and greatly appreciate how they’ve helped shape who I Now am. I love them and I set myself free of their bounds.

I am connected intentionally with those who fill me with love and feel connected to my soul. I allow my soul to set my social calendar and follow my intuition faithfully.

I trust so fully that I Know the Universe is constantly aligning well-being specifically for me. My life is a magical string of experiences where one beautiful manifested moment blends blissfully and easily into the next.

I allow my fun to lead the way at every crossroads. My enjoyment is my guidance to help me walk the divine path that is uniquely mine. I am totally shielded from harm by my ancestors. I need not worry in the slightest. The many souls that came before to deliver me to this time and place are not only protecting me but celebrating this moment for where I currently stand. They couldn’t be more on my side, cheering loudly for my divine well-being.


I am taking this moment as a sign that it’s time for me to up-level my own deservability like I did 5 years ago. I’m using my new treatment, and probably more in the future, to recite kind words to myself in the mirror. To look lovingly at myself and see an extension of the Universe staring back at me. There is no top end to the spectrum of self-love and I’m ready to allow an even kinder perspective of myself, my life, and my future.


3 thoughts on “Deservability Treatment June 29 2021

  1. Thank you for sharing this with me and the world! I am just now reconnecting back with your work, and diving deep into shadow work. Last week I seen a quote on instagram at 324am. Dis-ease is simply pointing us to the places in which we are not free…. I read the comments and a person mention Louis Hays and I bought her book that night and read most of it and cried like a baby because I have suffered for over 12 years with cysts and did not connect my cysts to my mental health. Louis Hays talked about mental thought patterns that cause disease in the body…. The whole time i was in school my cysts were extremely painful and I did not connect it to anger or fear but I am so thankful for her book and now I see you have her deserve ability treatment after watching your video on shadow work. I am now ready to heal on mental level and know doing the shadow work, I know I will heal on a physical level. I liked how you talked about drinking and how you did not force yourself to give up physically but you went within your mind and released it mentally first. I know doing this work will heal me and I am now ready to fully embrace shadow work. I will continue to watch all your videos on shadow work and soon be back in what app talking to you but first I need your spiritual teachings to get my back on track. I am super geeked reading the Louis Hays deserve ability treatment and will implement it in my daily routine and learn to create my own as well.

    School really knocked me off track spiritually and mentally and its taking time to gain the strength back but I am committed to my spiritual path. Thank you so much, I have watched you grow right before my eyes and it such a beautiful process to watch you blossom in your purpose. I am extremely happy and grateful to watch you.

    1. YES – the mind-body connection is amazing! Discovering that connection is truly profound. The physical shifts can be huge when we do the emotional work to heal ourselves, and focus on those mindset pieces that we can control inside of ourselves. Only then can the physical healing really happen. So empowering and exciting! Sending you so much love ♡

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