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Growth Mindset | Week of July 11 – 17 | Astrological Forecast

Growth Mindset | Week of July 11 – 17 | Astrological Forecast

This week’s astrological focus is on the Capricorn Full Moon, happening Wednesday, July 13th

In the sign of the tactical Seagoat, this lunation encourages us to celebrate the structures of care that we’ve built so far this year, and to reevaluate what to say NO to versus what to say YES to moving forward.

Some Contemplations for this Capricorn Full Moon…

When we’re talking about Capricorn – your life’s work, your legacy – what if retirement isn’t the goal? 

  • If we’re doing work that only pays us in money, are we satisfied with that?
  • If your work pays you by feeding your soul, why would you ever “retire” from that?
  • What is the “why” behind what you want?
Heart Opening | Week of June 20 – 26 | Astrological Forecast

Heart Opening | Week of June 20 – 26 | Astrological Forecast

Key Upcoming Transits

  • Sun enters Cancer / Summer Solstice | June 21
  • Venus enters Gemini | June 23

The overarching theme of this week is: Connection. We’ll be recognizing this desire within ourselves as the energies of Cancer season and Venus in Gemini play out.

These two transits make a harmonious pair. The homebody energy of Cancer is balanced out by Venus in Gemini, an energy which gains a sense of relaxation through conversation, ideas, and interaction. Since Cancer tends to have a tough time venturing out of their bubble of safety, Venus in Gemini will assist us to still go out into the world, to keep forging ahead during this time, while also enjoying the comfortable safety of our nest (or shell 🦀).

Soul Prompts for This Week’s Energy

(Check out this week’s Astrology Energy video for a deeper description of these prompts)

Cancer Season

My best qualities are…

It’s easy to be around others who…

Venus in Gemini

I am good at listening when…

Believing is Seeing | Week of June 13 – 19 | Astrological Forecast

Believing is Seeing | Week of June 13 – 19 | Astrological Forecast

Key Upcoming Transits

  • Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus at 16° | June 11 – 13
  • Mercury re-enters Gemini | June 13
  • Sagittarius Full Moon at 23° | June 14
  • Venus conjunct North Node in Taurus at 22° | June 16/17
  • Mercury clears shadow in Gemini | June 18

Soul Questions for This Week’s Two Main Transits

Mercury Re-enters Gemini | June 13

Ending its retrograde on June 3rd in Taurus, Mercury will now be re-entering Gemini as it forges ahead – though will be in a shadow period through June 18.

What is your brain curious about/fascinated by?

Sagittarius Full Moon | June 14

Over in Gemini’s sister sign, Sagittarius, a Full Moon will rise on June 14, highlighting our beliefs and ideals to show us which ones are or aren’t serving our highest good.

What are the goals of your beliefs?

Gifted Opportunities to Claim Yourself | 6-month Astrological Forecast

Gifted Opportunities to Claim Yourself | 6-month Astrological Forecast

On October 1st of this year, there will be seven planets in retrograde – yes, seven

Although Mercury will go direct on that day, it will be joined by a retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Chiron, and Neptune.

Rx PlanetGoes direct
MercuryOct 1
Pluto (already rx)Oct 8
Saturn (already rx)Oct 22
JupiterNov 23
NeptuneDec 3
ChironDec 22

Mars won’t be far behind this trail of retro renegades, kicking off its own reverse path on October 30 and dipping all the way into 2023 before it goes direct.

What it Means

All of this retrograde energy leading up to October provides an opportunity to get really clear on who we are. Retrogrades are a time of looking backwards and reevaluating. If hindsight is 20/20, then this retrograde-dense period is sure to illuminate new levels of clarity.

Are you on the best possible path you can imagine for yourself?

As many of the retrograde planets begin to station direct in October, November, and December, clear steps forward will emerge that will be a direct reflection of the introspection work you’re doing now, through the summer and into the fall.

Retrogrades can feel like a time of slowing down, but what this change in pace allows is for us to facilitate the sacred relationship between us and ourselves. It’s a return to you; your power, your soul, your inner authority, your sovereignty, your highest path, your soul’s healing.

Soul Questions

Use these questions to guide your energy through this dense retrograde period.

How can you use your daily life, your time, to build the life you truly want?

Are there any status quos in your world that have outlived their usefulness?

What new responsibilities are you feeling called to take within your life? Which responsibilities are you being called to release?

AQUARIUS: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Water-Bearer

AQUARIUS: An Energetic Overview & Guide to Embracing the Water-Bearer

Overview of the Aquarius Archetype

Aquarius is the second-to-last sign of the Zodiac and is a fixed air sign. Fixed signs indicate the middle of their season and are characterized by staying-power and stability.

Ruled by: Uranus (modern), Saturn (ancient)

Modality: Fixed (Winter)

Element: Air

If you have heavy Aquarius energy in your natal chart, you’re likely to be born into a small box of who you’re “supposed” to be – created by cultural norms, religious dogma, and other family conditioning. The purpose of this is to unravel the conditioning, thread by thread, to eventually discover the true self and decipher it from the trained monkey self. That is the path of Aquarius energy.

Aquarius’s archetypal aim is about the process of individuation. Not fitting in is a mirror to gain clarity on who you really are, because by experiencing things that aren’t you, you begin to discover what you are. The structures and rules of the world around us act as a mirror to see ourselves more clearly.

To understand Aquarius, it’s important to consider both its modern ruler, Uranus, and its ancient ruler, Saturn. On the Uranian side is the individuation process, of becoming your most true and authentic self – the highest expression of Aquarian energy. On the Saturnian side are the pressures of conditioning, the early-upbringing process, which play a huge role in the Aquarian path. Saturn makes the rules, and Uranus breaks them.

Fear of being yourself doesn’t come from nowhere. Somewhere along your soul’s journey, whether it was in your childhood or a past lifetime, you learned that there is safety in conformity. It may have even meant survival. As humans, we gravitate towards herds or tribes for that reason, because there is safety in numbers. 

Aquarius Keywords

Sovereignty, individuation, questioning the status quo, authenticity 

Shadow Side

Aquarius has the stereotype of being cold, detached, or aloof. As astrologer Steven Forrest explains – there is emotional distance with Aquarius, yes, but it is traumatically-induced emotional distance. Aquarius planets in your chart in general are pointing toward past life or early childhood experiences where you experienced something that was too emotionally strong for your system to cope with, and through that experience of being emotionally overwhelmed, you developed the ability to detach, or dissociate, from your emotions. That emotional energy doesn’t just go away though – it bottles up in the background and will eventually need to be addressed.

This shadow of traumatically-induced emotional distance makes Aquarius very self-protective. For an Aquarian to open their heart and shine their light out into the world takes a ton of courage, because of their history and the resulting unprocessed emotional baggage. You’ve been wounded deeply, traumatized, by other people’s expectations, but you’re here this time around to find your way back to your own sovereignty, your own freedom to be the person your soul came here to be.

Article written by Maddie Billings; content presented by Carly Whorton during Astrology & Coffee livestream.

VENUS: Energetic Archetype & Qualities of the Lesser Benefic

VENUS: Energetic Archetype & Qualities of the Lesser Benefic

Essential Dignities

Domicile: Libra, Taurus

Detriment: Aries, Scorpio

Exaltation: Pisces

Fall: Virgo

Joy: 5th House

Overview of Venus Energy

Venus is the goddess of love, peace, and the arts, representing the finest things life has to offer.

Venus spends about one month in each sign and rules both Taurus and Libra. Taurus is the feminine face of Venus while Libra is the masculine face. With that, Venus is associated with the second and seventh houses.

Much of what Venus gets chalked up to is relationships or falling in love, but it’s also our relationship with ourself – as that’s the foundation. All other relationships reflect that one. In fact, our relationships with others serve as mirrors to better understand our relationship with ourselves, including our shadow patterns and limiting self beliefs.

Since Venus rules love and relationships, its placement in your natal chart can point you toward what kind of energy you’re looking for in a partner or relationship. 

Also, falling asleep requires Venusian energy – to soften the body and the consciousness and intentionally let our cork float, returning to a state of equilibrium. Venus represents our desire and tendency to find a state of equilibrium. The Taurus side helps us find equilibrium within ourselves, while the Libra side represents equilibrium with others.

So what is Equilibrium, anyway? Equilibrium is our sense of inner balance. Physically, it’s how we recover after taking a hit to our nervous system. The gravitational pull of Equilibrium always brings us back into balance, a living example that Wellbeing is Dominant. Always. This process is highly Venusian, utilizing the Taurus/Libra axis to establish both inner and outer balance.

The state of equilibrium creates a sense of inner security, which Venus strives to cultivate.

Venus also represents our value system. What’s important to you? How do you perceive your own self worth? Your Venusian value system also influences the skills you take the time to develop because you deem them to be important. Venus drives us to create value within ourselves in order to have something to offer the world, and to accept a fair exchange of value in return. This is the kind of balance Venus is after, and it also contributes to one’s sense of inner security, another Venusian principle.

What this all comes back to is – how are you investing your time? Venus wants to ensure that the things you’re investing your time into are worth it (based on your own personal value system.)

Venus is also protective and guides us to protect what’s valuable to us. What do you think is worth protecting? Look to your Venus placement for some insight into the things you find most valuable, or use this Core Values exercise.

Venus Keywords

Equilibrium, harmony, balance, reciprocity, values, beauty, love, relationships, cuteness, art, peace, calm, inner security, marriage, union, cooperation, children, fertility

Blessings in the Unknown | Week of May 30 – June 5 | Astrological Forecast

Blessings in the Unknown | Week of May 30 – June 5 | Astrological Forecast

Key Transits This Week

  • Gemini New Moon | May 30
  • Mercury stations direct in Taurus | June 3
  • Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius | June 5

Soul Questions by the Transits

Gemini New Moon | May 30

The New Moon in Gemini is bringing a significant upgrade in how we relate to the world. When our beliefs evolve, the way we show up in the world evolves, too.

“What if everything you know about yourself is imaginary?” -Matt Kahn

Mercury stations direct in Taurus | June 3

Mercury retrograde is coming to a close in the super chill sign of Taurus, allowing our mental energy to reorient itself in the soft stillness of the Bull’s domain. Let this gentle energy seep into your mental space by contemplating –

What in your life calms your mind?

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius | June 5 – Oct 23

When structural Saturn goes retrograde, it turns the focus inward, asking us to look within at our own structures, boundaries, responsibilities, etc. Use these journal prompts to help you flow more smoothly with Saturn’s retrograde energy:

I’m proud of myself when…

My skills/talents include…
My role models are really good at…

URANUS: Energetic Archetype & Qualities of the Great Awakener

URANUS: Energetic Archetype & Qualities of the Great Awakener

Overview of Uranus Energy

Essential Dignities

Domicile: Aquarius

Detriment: Leo

Exaltation: N/A

Fall: Taurus

Known as the Great Awakener, Uranus is electrifying, inventive, original. It has an 84-year orbit. It is said to be the higher octave of Mercury, representing the higher mind. Uranus is flashes of genius, or brilliant ideas. When that Uranian opening in your brain happens (which can be stimulated by inner peace, by quieting Mercury) you’re connected with your higher self.

Uranus instigates sudden changes to shake you out of scenarios that don’t suit your highest path. It wants your soul to fully self-actualize, which is the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid.

To walk the path of who your individual soul came here to be is the power of Uranus.

Uranus challenges us to recognize your conditioned self vs. your true self, and to do the work to bridge the gap. The highest frequency of Uranus is an altruistic humanitarian. If you’ve unlocked your true self, that lives in your vibration and positively impacts everyone you come into contact with.

Uranus Keywords

Electrifying, breaking loose from what’s holding you back, willingness to break social norms and the status quo, inventive, original