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Gifted Opportunities to Claim Yourself | 6-month Astrological Forecast

Gifted Opportunities to Claim Yourself | 6-month Astrological Forecast

On October 1st of this year, there will be seven planets in retrograde – yes, seven

Although Mercury will go direct on that day, it will be joined by a retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Chiron, and Neptune.

Rx PlanetGoes direct
MercuryOct 1
Pluto (already rx)Oct 8
Saturn (already rx)Oct 22
JupiterNov 23
NeptuneDec 3
ChironDec 22

Mars won’t be far behind this trail of retro renegades, kicking off its own reverse path on October 30 and dipping all the way into 2023 before it goes direct.

What it Means

All of this retrograde energy leading up to October provides an opportunity to get really clear on who we are. Retrogrades are a time of looking backwards and reevaluating. If hindsight is 20/20, then this retrograde-dense period is sure to illuminate new levels of clarity.

Are you on the best possible path you can imagine for yourself?

As many of the retrograde planets begin to station direct in October, November, and December, clear steps forward will emerge that will be a direct reflection of the introspection work you’re doing now, through the summer and into the fall.

Retrogrades can feel like a time of slowing down, but what this change in pace allows is for us to facilitate the sacred relationship between us and ourselves. It’s a return to you; your power, your soul, your inner authority, your sovereignty, your highest path, your soul’s healing.

Soul Questions

Use these questions to guide your energy through this dense retrograde period.

How can you use your daily life, your time, to build the life you truly want?

Are there any status quos in your world that have outlived their usefulness?

What new responsibilities are you feeling called to take within your life? Which responsibilities are you being called to release?