Waking Up The Witch Special Offer!

It’s so lovely to meet you through the Waking Up The Witch podcast! It was so fun to play in the safe space created by Amber and Taylar and I’m so grateful it brought you here! Go ahead and hop on my newsletter mailing list if you want to stay in the Owning Authenticity loop.

I have a few things to share with you but first, a gift!

Sacred Circle ~ $1 Day Pass

I would love for you to try out a Sacred Circle with a $1 day pass. I hold Sacred Circle every Saturday morning at 10am Central Time. Normally Sacred Circles are $45/month, or $15 for a day pass.

Instructions: Purchase the day pass leading up to the Saturday you want to join. Following your purchase, I will include you on the invite (zoom link) for the upcoming Saturday, and the recap that includes the replay.

4-Week Mini Program

I am also delighted to invite you to check out my 4-week Mini Program. It’s happening on a revolving basis so these links take you to details on the version that’s open now.

Details: We meet for a session every Friday, 11-12pm Central Time, for a mixture of music, guided meditation, self-reflection and introspection to unlock more of the wisdom and empowerment within.

In VIP we stay on for an extra 45 minutes after the session to unpack, share, and process even more deeply what was brought up during the session. Also, each week a winner is chosen from VIP to receive a free day pass into the Sacred Circle the following day. If the winner is already a member of Sacred Circles, they get a free 45 minute one-on-one session with me instead.

One-on-One Session / Breakthrough Packages

If you’re ready to level-up your understanding of your unique energy, I highly recommend we dive into your specific Natal Chart! We can do a reading of your Natal Chart in general, or specifically dive into your North and South Node. These readings are very beginner-friendly but also work to deepen your understanding if you’ve already done a fair bit of self-study.

And if you know you’re made for more AND ready to blossom into your unique life mission, I am ready to hold space for your courageous growth! The packages I offer are perfect for anyone who is ready to transform from chronic self-doubt to operating from a default of deep internal worthiness. During a weekly coaching call, together we excavate your vision for your dream life, and unpack and dismantle anything standing in the way, all step by step, in a safe space.

Books and Journals

My Etsy and Amazon shops include my various publications. I would love for you to browse and see if any of these creations can support you where you are.

YouTube Channel

There are all kinds of yummy videos on my youtube channel, including playlists for all 12 North Nodes to dive into your own unique evolutionary journey. I’d love for you to subscribe and leave a comment when you stop by!

Aries North Node / Libra South Node

Taurus North Node / Scorpio South Node

Gemini North Node / Sagittarius South Node

Cancer North Node / Capricorn South Node

Leo North Node / Aquarius South Node

Virgo North Node / Pisces South Node

Libra North Node / Aries South Node

Scorpio North Node / Taurus South Node

Sagittarius North Node / Gemini South Node

Capricorn North Node / Cancer South Node

Aquarius North Node / Leo South Node

Pisces North Node / Virgo South Node

Wishing you empowering transformation along your journey! You are an extension of Source Energy and you deserve to live the life of your dreams!!

Sending you love!

~ Carly