The Worthiness Habit ~ PROGRAM DASHBOARD

Fridays: April 27, May 3, May 10, May 17, 2024

Time: 11am – 12pm Central Time

Dance Party: 10:50-11am Central Time

VIP After Party: 12-12:45pm Central Time

Week 1 REPLAY: Non-judgmental Self-observation

Replay from first session

Worthiness Drill Week 1: Breathing Breaks

Breathing Breaks demonstration and discussion

Week 2 Replay: Unconscious Self-Internalization

Replay from second session

Worthiness Drill Week 2: Expanded Breathing Breaks

Overview of expanded breathing breaks

Week 3 Replay: The Truth of Your Being

Replay from third session

Worthiness Drill Week 3: Daily Worthiness Meditation

Wholeness meditation to do everyday

Week 4 Replay: Self-Compassion is Always Aligned Action

Replay from fourth session

Worthiness Drill Week 4: Aligned Action Meditation

Aligned Action Meditation to use on demand

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The few weeks of The Worthiness Habit have evolved my relationship with these things in these ways:
~ Self-Judgement
~ Resistance
~ Nervous System
~ Taking things personally
~ Expansion
~ Unworthy identity
~ Inherent wholeness