Gene Keys

28 pre-recorded videos to guide you through contemplating each pathway and sphere in the Gene Keys Chart.

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28 Guided Contemplations ~ 10-20 minutes each

Foundation Concepts

~ A gift in every shadow

~ Divine Timing in Self-Illumination

Activation Sequence

~ Gene Key Spheres: Life’s Work, Evolution, Radiance, Purpose

~ Pathways of Challenge, Breakthrough, Core Stability

Venus Sequence

~ Gene Keys Spheres: Purpose, Attraction, IQ, EQ, SQ, Core

~ Pathways of Dharma, Karma, Intelligence, Love, Realization

Pearl Sequence

~ Gene Keys Spheres: Vocation, Culture, Brand (Life’s Work), Pearl

~ Pathways of Initiative, Growth, Service, Quantum, Individuation

What to expect?

  • Teachings from Richard Rudd’s books
  • Questions to contemplate your unique profile more deeply
  • A safe place to practice relating to your shadow with more love
  • An open invitation to leave comments on the videos or send emails to if it’s ever helpful to be witnessed in your processing

Price $148 USD

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Pull your Gene Keys chart for FREE

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  ~  Carly