I am proud to announce my first ebook is now available for pre-order with a March 7th release!

The Art of Truth Telling ebook

A gentle and lighthearted journey through contemplating what is truth, how do we discern our personal truth, and the million dollar question – how do we tell it when it needs to be told? Oh and how do you know when it’s time to tell it? This ebook is a mixture of my personal stories, soul-stirring questions, and fun exercises to continue the process of acquainting yourself with your personal truth.

Buying during the pre-order stage means you will receive the pdf of the ebook in your email on March 7th. Be sure to reserve it under the email you wish to receive your ebook at. You will not receive any other emails from me at that address.

To print this ebook would use 27 pages of 8.5″ x 11″ standard printer paper.

Low-Content Books

My first attempt into authoring content led me into the world of “low-content” books. I have a series of prompt journals on Amazon called “My Focus Journal”. In a series of 12 books, one for each different area of life, I guide the writer through prompts for self-discovery.

My Focus Journal
Book 1

Blank Journals (No Content Books)

I also have many styles of blank journals you can shop for through my creator page on Amazon.

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