Community Spaces

I receive a special kind of joy from facilitating group sessions. Whatever sounds fun, that’s what I host. If you want to join in, I would love to see you at anything listed below!

Sacred Circle

This is a monthly zoom event hosted specifically for members of the Owning Authenticity Patreon. We come together to chat about our lives, spirituality, and the healing we are currently unraveling in our experience. It is a safe space where everyone is allowed to feel what they feel.

No worries if you can’t make it every time, we’d still love to have you! The group is different each time depending on who can make it. These sessions are recorded, so you can watch later, but the recording is only shared with the Patreon community members.

Frequency: Monthly

Where: Zoom

Price: Pay what feels good

*When you join, it will allow you to select your own rate, whatever feels good for you, as low as $1. Whatever you select will be charged each month. So long as your membership is current, you will have access to that month’s Sacred Circle. You are free to cancel anytime.

Open to All

I also host various other zoom events over the course of the year. You can find them all through my Meetup Group: Soul Aligned Living.

Events range from free to paid, an hour to two hours, and cover all kinds of topics – Astrology, Gene Keys, Shadow Work, and many more. I also love to hear your ideas for what might be a fun event to host!

Joining the group is totally FREE! If an event has an entry fee, it will prompt you to go through payment when you RSVP for that particular event.

Frequency: Varies

Where: Zoom

Price: Free or listed on the event

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at