Welcome to VIP ~ Free to Be Me

Congratulations on choosing to invest in yourself and your ability to live the life you were born to live! This is going to be such an exciting time in your life and I’m honored to be walking on this path with you.

Below you will find details for the 31 sessions you have access to as part of VIP FREE TO BE ME! I do hope you’ll take full advantage!

By taking full advantage of this program, I have no doubt your life will look drastically different 3 months from now.

Mark your calendar and be sure to adjust for your time zone.

Week 1: March 24th, 10-11:30am CT

Week 2: March 31st, 10-11:30am CT

VIP GROUP #1: April 6th, 10-11:30am CT

Week 3: April 7th, 10-11:30am CT **HOT SEATS ONLY**

Week 4: April 14th, 10-11:30am CT

Week 5: April 21st, 10-11:30am CT

Week 6: April 28th, 10-11:30am CT

VIP GROUP #2: May 4th, 10-11:30am CT

Week 7: May 5th, 10-11:30am CT **HOT SEATS ONLY**

Week 8: May 12th, 10-11:30am CT

Week 9: May 19th, 10-11:30am CT

Week 10: May 26th, 10-11:30am CT

VIP GROUP #3: June 1st, 10-11:30am CT

Week 11: June 2nd, 10-11:30am CT **HOT SEATS ONLY**

Week 12: June 9th, 10-11:30am CT

What to bring with you?

Journal and pen

Your right now energy, no matter what it is

Questions, if you have any

Sign Up For Your Individual Sessions

Book your THREE individual sessions you want to reserve. If the days/times available don’t work for you, reach out to me and we’ll find a time that does. Easy Peasy. You have the option to schedule these however you like, either using them to dive deeper during the intensive 12-week program, or in the 3 months that follow to provide additional structure and support for your ongoing transformation. These sessions are FREE to schedule and will not charge you anything at checkout since you already paid for them as part of the VIP package.

  1. Click “Book Now” next to “VIP Program Individual Session
  2. Click Continue
  3. Select the date/time you wish to schedule for your first session
  4. Enter Your Details and Click Book Appointment
  5. Repeat until you’ve scheduled all 3 of your sessions
  6. **if you cannot find a date/time that suits you, email me and we’ll find a time that does owningauthenticity@gmail.com

For best results

Book out an hour or two after the group and individual sessions to process whatever comes up for you whether it’s emotions, ideas, action steps, etc. Be there for you and your transformation!

Sacred Circle Bonus ~ 6 Months

Go ahead and mark your calendar for the Sacred Circles you’ll also be granted access to attend! Be sure to adjust for your time zone.

~ (1) March 24th, 10-11:30am Central Time, Libra Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE

~ (2) April 5th, 10-11:30am Central Time, Aries New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE

~ (3) April 19th, 10-11:30am Central Time, Scorpio Full Moon

~ (4) May 3rd, 10-11:30am Central Time, Taurus New Moon

~ (5) May 17th, 10-11:30am Central Time, Sagittarius Full Moon

~ (6) May 31st, 10-11:30am Central Time, Gemini New Moon

~ (7) June 14th, 10-11:30am Central Time, Capricorn Full Moon

~ (8) June 28th, 10-11:30am Central Time, Cancer New Moon

~ (9) July 12th, 10-11:30am Central Time, Capricorn Full Moon #2

~ (10) July 26th, 10-11:30am Central Time, Leo New Moon

~ (11) August 9th, 10-11:30am Central Time, Aquarius Full Moon

~ (12) August 23rd, 10-11:30am Central Time, Virgo New Moon

~ (13) September 6th, 10-11:30am Central Time, Pisces Full Moon

More Support

I would love to serve you even better! If I can help you with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at owningauthenticity@gmail.com. For best response time, put “VIP FREE TO BE ME” in the subject line.